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 (pĕn′tĭ-kŏs′təl, -kô′stəl)
1. Of, relating to, or occurring at Pentecost.
2. Of, relating to, or being any of various Christian religious congregations whose members seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit, in emulation of the Apostles at Pentecost.
A member of a Pentecostal congregation.

Pen′te·cos′tal·ism n.
Pen′te·cos′tal·ist adj. & n.


1. (Christian Churches, other) (usually prenominal) of or relating to any of various Christian groups that emphasize the charismatic aspects of Christianity and adopt a fundamental attitude to the Bible
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) of or relating to Pentecost or the influence of the Holy Ghost
(Christian Churches, other) a member of a Pentecostal Church
ˌPenteˈcostalˌism n
ˌPenteˈcostalist n, adj


(ˌpɛn tɪˈkɔ stl, -ˈkɒs tl)

1. of or pertaining to Pentecost.
2. noting or pertaining to any of various Christian groups, usu. fundamentalist, that emphasize the activity of the Holy Spirit, stress holiness of living, and express their religious feelings uninhibitedly, as by speaking in tongues.
[1540–50; < Late Latin]
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Noun1.Pentecostal - any member of a Pentecostal religious bodyPentecostal - any member of a Pentecostal religious body
Pentecostal religion - any fundamentalist Protestant Church that uses revivalistic methods to achieve experiences comparable to the Pentecostal experiences of the first Christian disciples
Protestant - an adherent of Protestantism
Adj.1.pentecostal - of or relating to or characteristic of any of various Pentecostal religious bodies or their members
2.pentecostal - of or relating to or occurring at Pentecost


[ˌpentɪˈkɒstl] ADJde Pentecostés


[ˌpɛntɪˈkɒstəl] adj [church] → pentecôtiste


adjPfingst-; sect, service, revivalder Pfingstbewegung; pentecostal churchPfingstkirche f; pentecostal ministerPfarrer(in) m(f)einer Pfingstkirche
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The hard-worked, fever-stricken missionaries stuck doggedly to their task, at times despairing, and looking forward for some special manifestation, some outburst of Pentecostal fire that would bring a glorious harvest of souls.
He was sure that his mission would result in good, and he had private visions of igniting the Pentecostal spark in the souls of the mountaineers and of inaugurating a revival that would sweep down out of the mountains and across the length and breadth of the Great Land from sea to sea and to the isles in the midst of the sea.
I would recommend this work for anyone wanting to get an intelligent handle on the diversity and complexity of the Pentecostal phenomenon.
Catholics often compared Pentecostal groups to cults and accused them of overly aggressive, unethical proselytizing.
10) By employing methods of interdisciplinary research, at the intersection of history, politology and theology, our aim in this paper is to assess the political impact of this extremely prolific movement both in geographical areas where it is numerically well represented (such as Africa and Latin America, or the United States), and in areas that were less touched by the successive Pentecostal waves, such as Europe.
In this study of religious change in the city of Ngaoundere in Northern Cameroon, Dronen (global studies and religion, School of Mission and Theology, Norway) examines the recent growth and development of Pentecostal churches.
Now students will be able to choose package options with titles specifically oriented toward Pentecostal theology.
I was a Pentecostal minister for twenty years before I started studying theology.
Amos Yong is probably the most prolific Pentecostal theologian today, having authored books on theology of religions, theology of disability, political theology, theological hermeneutics, and Pentecostal theology in general.
Because we are intentionally reviewing a Pentecostal perspective on the spiritual dimension of love in the next section, we will discuss attachment theory, a promising contribution to the spiritual dimension from research in the psychology of religion.
Although Pentecostal and charismatic churches have been growing rapidly in Asia and a number of megachurches have been founded, none of them have become members of the CCA.
This work asserts that Pentecostalism is a theological tradition in its own right and argues that the Pentecost is the core theological symbol of Pentecostal theology, and its theological narrative is the full gospel.

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