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After a one-week adaptation period, six laying hens with similar live weights from each replicate were killed by intracardial injection of sodium pentobarbitone.
At the end of the experiment, all rats in the three series were anesthetized with 50 mg/kg ip sodium pentobarbitone (Pentovet, Norvet, Mexico).
11) After 10 days of treatment, rats were anaesthetised with sodium pentobarbitone (60 mg/kg, intraperitoneal) and received heparin (200 IU intravenously (IV)).
The introduction of oral barbiturates, such as pentobarbitone (Nembutal) and quinalbarbitone (Seconal), continued this trend in the 1930s.
2003); however, most of them are chemical products such as magnesium sulfate, 2-phenoxyethanol, pentobarbitone, and benzocaine.
Anaesthesia was induced by sodium pentobarbitone (Nembutal[R], CAVE, France) at a dose of 60 mg/ kg (ip).
An alcoholic extract of CP was found to cause an antagonist effect against amphetamines and tremorine, a potentiation of the acetylcholine effect of pentobarbitone induced hypnosis and morphine analgesia, without having own sedative properties.
The drugs, a powerful barbiturate called Pentobarbitone Sodium, are used by vets and RSPCA staff to put animals to sleep and doctors warned could be lethal if taken by people.
After 5 or 10 weeks of Dox administration, the control and experimental group of rats were individually anaesthetized with pentobarbitone (10 mg/kg) and were sacrificed, tissue like brain, heart, liver and kidney were isolated.