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Plasma luteinizing hormone and progesterone in the adult female pig during the oestrous cycle, late pregnancy and lactation and after ovariectomy and pentobarbitone treatment.
The animals were sacrificed 24 hours after LPS administration under pentobarbitone anesthesia; lungs were quickly removed and processed as indicated below.
On the 1st day, the rats were anesthetized by freshly prepared pentobarbitone 40 mg/kg/i.
On d 21, six birds per cage were euthanized by intravenous injection (1 mL per 2 kg live weight) of sodium pentobarbitone solution (Provet NZ Pty Ltd.
Rabbits were sacrificed with a high dose of pentobarbitone (1 g, Specia[TM], France) at various times following surgery (days 15, 30 and 45).
In order to evaluate the methanolic extract of Chrysanthellum indicum impact on brain activity, Yaro's group (10) used six tasks on albino mice or Wistar rats: the spontaneous motor activity test in mice (9), the stereotyped behaviour induction test in mice using amphetamine and apomorphine (33, 34), the pentobarbitone sleeping time in mice test (35, 36), the haloperidol-induced catalepsy in rats test (8), the exploratory behaviour test in mice (37, 38) and the rota-rod test for motor coordination on different methanolic extract doses (12.
Subject to availability, pentobarbitone, phenobarbitone, propofol may be used.
Anaesthetic effects of chloral hydrate pentobarbitone and urethane in adult male rats.
After the determination of blood glucose and TGs, the rats were euthanized by an intraperitoneal injection of sodium pentobarbitone (200 mg kg-1; Euthanaze, Centaur Labs, South Africa) and 5 mL of blood was obtained by cardiac puncture and placed into heparinised tubes.
4]-induced liver damage in albino rats through liver to body weight ratio, pentobarbitone sleep time, serum levels of glutamate pyruvate transaminase (GPT) and glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (GOT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), and bilirubin.