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A compound having five atoms of oxygen combined with another element.


(Elements & Compounds) an oxide of an element with five atoms of oxygen per molecule


(pɛnˈtɒk saɪd)

an oxide containing five atoms of oxygen, as phosphorus pentoxide, P2O5.
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Noun1.pentoxide - an oxide containing five atoms of oxygen in the molecule
oxide - any compound of oxygen with another element or a radical
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It will specialise on vanadium pentoxide, ammonium metavanadate, molybdenum oxide and ferronickel.
It has been shown that nanosized crystals of vanadium pentoxide have improved electrochemical properties, which makes it possible to use them as a cathode material for lithium batteries [2].
com)-- High-purity Vanadium Pentoxide market seems to be gaining a momentum on the global scale due to many factors.
In addition, vanadium can also modify immune CD11c and MHC-II expression in thymic dendritic cells by decreasing the presence of CD11c surface marker on mouse thymic dendritic cells as a result of vanadium pentoxide ([V.
All the chemicals and solvents used were of analytical grade; Styrene, Benzoyl Peroxid, Polyvinyl alcohol water, 5% NaOH solution, Nitrogen gas, 98% H2SO4, Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5), Poly(styrene), Cyclohexane, Crushed ice, Ammonia(aq), Hydrochloric Acid, Salts of metals (NiSO47H2O, CaSO42H2O, ZnSO47H2O, CuSO45H2O) were procured from Merck/BDH company.
The Maracas mine extracts ore from a central open pit, with future satellite pits also planned along a 7-km trend, feeding a process comprising crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, concentrate roasting and leaching, filtration, and precipitation circuits to produce vanadium pentoxide ([V.
Since the anode and dielectric materials are always the same--tantalum and tantalum pentoxide, based upon the cathode material--several types of capacitors can be distinguished.
With this, JPMC will be able to export its DAP (diammonium phosphate) fertiliser, potash and phosphorus pentoxide and also import needed raw materials, he added, noting that the works will take 22 months.
In this research, the photocatalytic performance of two sample groups of niobium pentoxide with porous and bulk structure was investigated and compared while the samples were synthesized through two different methods.
The grades, meanwhile, have generally exceeded 20% phosphorous pentoxide.
To track the cycle of nitrogen in the atmosphere, they studied dinitrogen pentoxide, a molecule that results from the oxidation of nitrogen oxides.
This is followed by other important derivitavies such as industrial phosphates, phosphoric acid, phosphorus chloride, phosphorus pentasulfide and phosphorus pentoxide.