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n. pl. pe·num·bras or pe·num·brae (-brē)
1. A partial shadow, as in an eclipse, between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination.
2. The diffuse outer part of a sunspot.
3. An area in which something exists to a lesser or uncertain degree: "The First Amendment has a penumbra where privacy is protected from governmental intrusion" (Joseph A. Califano, Jr.).
4. An outlying surrounding region; a periphery: "Downtown Chicago and its penumbra also stand rejuvenated" (John McCormick).

[New Latin pēnumbra : Latin paene, almost + Latin umbra, shadow.]

pe·num′bral, pe·num′brous adj.
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Adj.1.penumbral - of or pertaining to the region of partial shadow around an umbra
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He sees penumbral visions of himself titubating fantastically through days and nights of space and stars.
And if you're up at 6am, the penumbral eclipse, when the moon travels through the outer part of the Earth's shadow, ends at 6.
It said that penumbral eclipse will begin at 14:01 PST, partial eclipse will begin at 15:16 PST and the total eclipse will begin at 16:58 PST.
Such penumbral eclipses often go unnoticed because the darkening is so slight.
Hart also endorses the 'minimum content of morality' (222) to resolve the penumbral situation.
Identifying marital privacy as a constitutionally protected liberty interest--whether under Justice Douglas's penumbral reasoning, Justice Goldberg's Ninth Amendment theory, Justice Harlan's "pure" substantive due process approach, or some other rationale--was not enough to resolve the constitutional challenge in Griswold.
One is partial eclipse which happen when the moon passes only in a part of the Earth's shadow and the other is penumbral eclipse which happen when the moon barely occupies the shadow of the Earth.
The Article I enumeration is also substantially overinclusive in ways that cannot be mitigated by aggressive penumbral construction of the constitutional text.
Constitution is silent on the issue although the decisional privacy cases do recognize limited penumbral privacy claims.
Judiciary to create a penumbral constitution, exceeding its Article III
Marker's heavily manipulated black-and-white images are interwoven with the poem's text in a danse macabre populated with figures striated and effaced in postproduction so that they float like ghosts through a penumbral ether.
The group developed the number of small penumbral sunspots within it as it passed the CM on Aug 13 before reducing by Aug 15, however the total area of the group increased to 240 millionths.