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perch 1

1. A rod or branch serving as a roost for a bird.
a. An elevated place for resting or sitting.
b. A position that is secure, advantageous, or prominent.
3. A pole, stick, or rod.
4. Chiefly British
a. A linear measure equal to 5.50 yards or 16.5 feet (5.03 meters); a rod.
b. One square rod of land.
5. A unit of cubic measure used in stonework, usually 16.5 feet by 1.0 foot by 1.5 feet, or 24.75 cubic feet (0.70 cubic meter).
6. A frame on which cloth is laid for examination of quality.
v. perched, perch·ing, perch·es
1. To alight or rest on a perch; roost: A raven perched high in the pine.
2. To stand, sit, or rest on an elevated place or position.
1. To place on or as if on a perch: The child perched the glass on the edge of the counter.
2. To lay (cloth) on a perch in order to examine it.

[Middle English perche, from Old French, from Latin pertica, stick, pole.]

perch 2

n. pl. perch or perch·es
1. Any of several spiny-finned freshwater fishes of the genus Perca, especially either of two edible species, the yellow perch of North America, and P. fluviatilis of Europe.
2. Any of various similar fishes of the family Percidae, such as the walleye, or of other families, such as the white perch or the ocean perch.

[Middle English perche, from Old French, from Latin perca, from Greek perkē.]


sitting down or placed on the edge or tip of something: a village perched on the top of a ridge.


[ˈpɜːrtʃt] adj
[person] to be perched on sth (on the edge or top of sth)être perché(e) sur qch
She was perched on the edge of the sofa → Elle était perchée sur le bord du canapé.
[town, village, building] to be perched on a hill → être perché(e) sur une colline


(= situated) perched onthronend auf +dat; a village perched on a hillside/above the lakeein Dorf, das auf dem Hang/über dem See thront
(= seated) to be perched on somethingauf etw (dat)hocken
(= resting) with his glasses perched on the end of his nosemit der Brille auf der Nasenspitze
References in classic literature ?
They all drew to the fire, Mother in the big chair with Beth at her feet, Meg and Amy perched on either arm of the chair, and Jo leaning on the back, where no one would see any sign of emotion if the letter should happen to be touching.
Seth arose from his place on the grass and went silently past the men perched upon the railing and into Main Street.
The buffalo-peas were blooming in pink and purple masses along the roadside, and the larks, perched on last year's dried sunflower stalks, were singing straight at the sun, their heads thrown back and their yellow breasts a-quiver.
wondered a big black bird perched in the top of the tallest tree.
His head was small, and flat at top, with huge ears, large green glassy eyes, and a long snipe nose, so that it looked like a weather-cock perched upon his spindle neck to tell which way the wind blew.
Now, the first time Ahab was perched aloft; ere he had been there ten minutes; one of those red-billed savage sea-hawks which so often fly incommodiously close round the manned mast-heads of whalemen in these latitudes; one of these birds came wheeling and screaming round his head in a maze of untrackably swift circlings.
One black-eyed young girl perched herself upon the top of the balustrade, and began to kick with her slippered foot at the helmets of the policemen, until one of them caught her by the ankle and pulled her down.
It must be observed that one of Sam's especial delights had been to ride in attendance on his master to all kinds of political gatherings, where, roosted on some rail fence, or perched aloft in some tree, he would sit watching the orators, with the greatest apparent gusto, and then, descending among the various brethren of his own color, assembled on the same errand, he would edify and delight them with the most ludicrous burlesques and imitations, all delivered with the most imperturbable earnestness and solemnity; and though the auditors immediately about him were generally of his own color, it not unfrequently happened that they were fringed pretty deeply with those of a fairer complexion, who listened, laughing and winking, to Sam's great self-congratulation.
Now if one turns and looks up the gorge once more, he will see the Schloss Hotel on the right perched on a precipice overlooking the Neckar--a precipice which is so sumptuously cushioned and draped with foliage that no glimpse of the rock appears.
He showed Huck the frag- ment of candle-wick perched on a lump of clay against the wall, and described how he and Becky had watched the flame struggle and expire.
Jeremiah Cobb's slow-moving mind that the bird perched by his side was a bird of very different feather from those to which he was accustomed in his daily drives.
apostrophising Adele), "who perched you up in the window to give false intelligence?