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Having the power of perceiving, especially perceiving keenly and readily.
One that perceives.

[Latin percipiēns, percipient-, present participle of percipere, to perceive; see perceive.]

per·cip′i·ence, per·cip′i·en·cy n.
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She lay in a state of percipience without volition, and the rustle of the straw and the cutting of the ears by the others had the weight of bodily touches.
As a matter of fact, though, they were of a piece with those projects, and offered innumerable opportunities for the interlocutors to approach those projects with play, perspective, and percipience.
My aim in this commentary is not to exacerbate the woes of one in trouble but to offer advice to those in positions of power: to reacquaint themselves with the simple nuggets of wisdom distilled by time and men of percipience and good sense.
For restaurants sector, self-control is significant due to task ambiguity in the interactions of different customers and service provider; the customer services with an internally LOC may be great task motivator since the percipience of strong connections between their behaviors, performances, and organizational remunerations for service providers take place.
And Terry again acknowledged his debt in That Shakespeherian Rag (published soon after Beckerman's passing), with typically self-deprecating generosity: "The kindness and keen percipience of the late Bernard Beckerman demands special mention and deserves a better memorial.
Only exceptionally does she fall prey to delusions, but they are of the commonplace kind habitual in new lovers ("he was away now, out of sight and hearing, but she still saw him and still heard his voice"); otherwise Virgil's Dido is shown to possess perfect sight and percipience throughout: "But no one can deceive a lover.
Indeed, biology tells us that there are many 'lower' organisms whose percipience does not depend on such organs since they do not have any.
As a result these organizations and institutions should result in human resources who are capable of percipience of the complex present world and are also innovative in leadership, management and development of the society.
The dispute seemed intractable because of a lack of percipience about dispositions and a commitment to Humean orthodoxies about causation on both sides.
It's a book that frustrates us for what it might have been, mixing moments of tremendous delicacy and percipience with maddening slapdash nonsense.
There is, in Flaubert and his followers, a deep faith in the ethical value of percipience.
When they did, as was the case with I am Curious (Yellow)--which Rosset's company distributed--it was due more to scandal than percipience on Rosset's part.