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Of, relating to, or characterized by percussion.

per·cus′sive·ly adv.
per·cus′sive·ness n.


of, caused by, or relating to percussion
perˈcussively adv
perˈcussiveness n


(pərˈkʌs ɪv)

pertaining to or characterized by percussion.
per•cus′sive•ly, adv.
per•cus′sive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.percussive - involving percussion or featuring percussive instruments; "percussive music"


adjperkussorisch (spec)
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A classically trained musician and a self-taught LIPA-honed player, they combine intricate, percussive guitar and compelling vocals.
The percussive contraction is based on the percussive exhalation.
First up Jon Gomm with dynamic percussive songs embroidered with delays, distortion and altered tunings.
Preston Reed walked onto the Glee stage to an intro confirming that he was the man that had started the percussive, finger tapping style of playing that had inspired both Gomm and McKee; Rainmaker being a great example of this, but his style also has a sound track, almost orchestral feel to it.
The percussive Mombasa is an adrenaline-charged curveball, and the ambitious Waiting For A Train starts out as a romance, then turns as bleak as the economic climate before taking in an Edith Piaf sample.
Described as "a visual feast of percussion, physical theatre and dance", Stomp has thrilled audiences around the globe with its unique use of bin lids, broom handles and even newspapers as percussive instruments.
This production marks his debut as a leader and composer, while displaying his amazing percussive talents, digital speed and musicianship.
The PercussiveNEB[TM] unit is a high frequency intrapulmonary percussive nebulizer.
The percussive mechanism presented in this paper could be a part of three different types of gears electrically actuated:
The tool then drives the pipe through the ground with repeated percussive blows.
Highlight tracks: The percussive ``Skeleton Song'' is great fun and a natural for the season.
What a surprise: Republicans feverishly exploiting their echo chamber to pound out a familiar percussive drumbeat that Democrats are weenie girly men who can't be trusted to keep their frilly underwear unsoiled, much less protect this country from terrorists.