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or per·due  (pər-do͞o′, -dyo͞o′)
n. Obsolete
A soldier sent on an especially dangerous mission.

[French perdu, masculine past participle, and perdue, feminine past participle (as in sentinelle perdue, lost sentry, sentry posted in a position in which death is likely) of perdre, to lose, from Latin perdere; see perdition.]


(ˈpɜːdjuː) or


1. (Military) obsolete (of a soldier) placed on hazardous sentry duty
2. (Military) obsolete (of a soldier) placed in a hazardous ambush
3. (of a person or thing) hidden or concealed
4. (Military) obsolete a soldier placed on hazardous sentry duty
5. (Military) obsolete a soldier placed in a hazardous ambush
[C16: via French: lost, from perdre to lose, from Latin perdere to destroy]


(Placename) Mont Perdu the French name for (Monte) Perdido


or per•due

(pərˈdu, -ˈdyu, pɛr-)

adj., n., pl. -dus or -dues. adj.
1. hidden; concealed; obscured.
2. Obs. a soldier assigned to a very dangerous mission or position.
[1585–95; < French: lost, past participle of perdre < Latin perdere to lose; see perdition]
References in classic literature ?
While he lay perdu in Steward's stateroom, his voice was the one thing that was not to be heard, so Kwaque was forced to seek the solace of his jews' harp in the sweltering heat of the gratings over the fire-room.
Besides, a big house here, and especially in this quartier perdu, proves nothing at all: it is perfectly compatible with a state of penury.
Apres avoir eu deux balles de premier set sur service adverse a 5-4, elle a perdu sa mise en jeu alors qu'elle servait pour le set sur un jeu blanc.
The fundraiser will be held on March 31 at Perdu Bar in Collingwood Street, in Newcastle city centre.
Angela Hildreth suffered the indignity of being quizzed over her commitment to the father of her child, as well as a past ectopic pregnancy, by management at the Perdu bar and restaurant in Newcastle.
La scenariste et realisatrice Kalthoum Bornaz a perdu la vie dans la matinee de ce samedi 3 septembre 2016, a l'age de 71 ans, des suites de ses blessures.
L'annee derniere, un seul baigneur a perdu la vie, au niveau d'une plage non surveillee a Terga.
Taux en hausse Financial Times a revele que pres de 162 mille Egyptiens ont perdu leur travail au cours, uniquement, de 3 mois, pour ainsi chiffrer le nombre de chomeurs a 3,5 millions de personnes, d'un effectif fonctionnel estime a 27 millions de personnes, parmi fonctionnaires et ouvriers.
Alors que tout espoir semblait perdu, les remplacants d'Eric Gerets sauvent les meubles.
Paul Lister was out with friends at Perdu in Newcastle when he collapsed on the dancefloor.
Angela Hildreth had been employed as a pounds 30,000 a year finance manager at the Perdu bar and restaurant in Newcastle.