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 (pər-do͝or′, -dyo͝or′)
intr.v. per·dured, per·dur·ing, per·dures
To last permanently; endure.

[Middle English perduren, from Old French pardurer, from Latin perdūrāre; see perdurable.]


vb (intr)
formal to endure or continue indefinitely; to last forever


(pərˈdʊər, -ˈdyʊər)

v.i. -dured, -dur•ing.
to continue or last permanently; endure.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin perdūrāre. See per-, endure]
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Another excess that unfortunately perdured into the mid-20th century in some parishes was the practice of putting the consecrated host "to bed" following benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and accompanied by the singing of "Good Night, Sweet Jesus," as the church lights were turned off, one by one from the back of the church to the front.
The Stagirite's legacy perdured through the Middle Ages and into the Renaissance, mainly due to his unparalleled ability to balance universal moral principles and situational contingencies as he dissected the moral act.
Takashi Shogimen traces the historical continuity of an ongoing dispute among university theologians, canon lawyers, and ecclesiastical officials over the issue of doctrinal authority, which came to light in the Parisian Condemnation of 1277, thereafter surfaced in a series of celebrated censures, and perdured through the fifteenth-century disputes concerning the authority of pope and General Council.