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also pa·ren·ty  (pə-rĕn′tē)
n. pl. pe·ren·ties
A very large monitor lizard (Varanus giganteus) found in arid regions of Australia.

[Diyari (Pama-Nyungan language of south-central Australia) pirrinthi and related words in neighboring Pama-Nyungan languages.]


(pəˈrɛntɪ) or


n, pl -ties
(Animals) a large dark-coloured monitor lizard, Varanus giganteus, of central and west Australia which grows to 7 ft
[from a native Australian language]
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In the late 1980s Land Rover developed a 6 x 6 vehicle for the Australian Defence Force's Project Perentie and subsequently 1000 vehicles were assembled in Australia under licence along with almost 3000 Land Rover 110 4 x 4 models.
Nganyinyntja performed the ceremony of the ngintaka, the perentie, at the site of the sacred rock and it was this moment of coming together of embodied and emplaced knowledge and spiritual meanings that knowing was born for me.
The best parts of Pianka's book are his various accounts of what he calls "lizarding," the quest for such creatures as the two-meter-long perentie, the largest monitor lizard in Australia.
We saw parrots, a giant perentie lizard, and signs of kangaroo, snake, scorpion, centipede, and dingo.
He will go back to Melbourne and tell the white haired (hook-nosed)--//Adla / kwitakwita [alhe arnkwerte-arnkwerte, hook nosed]--ocknirabata Echunpa [akngerrepate atyunpe, senior perentie (9)] (and his friend the atnitta ocknira [atnerte akngerre, potbellied]) what he has seen and the bowels of the Echunpa [atyunpe, perentie] and the atnitta ocknira [atnerte akngerre, pot-bellied] will be gladdened.
I begin this analysis with an explanation of some of these words and then move into a fuller discussion of the two key characters referred to as the senior perentie (akngerrepate atyunpe) and his 'pot-bellied' 'friend'.
The later includes the replacement of the Special Air Service Regiment's Land Rover 6 x 6 Perentie Long Range Patrol Vehicles that have seen much hard service since being introduced in 1987.
A vehicle derived from the Perentie is among the Land Rover Defender ATVs that Jaguar Land Rover is promoting to the Polish armed forces under the local name Huzar.
Water, sodium and energy turnover in free-living perenties, Varanus giganteus.