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also pa·ren·ty  (pə-rĕn′tē)
n. pl. pe·ren·ties
A very large monitor lizard (Varanus giganteus) found in arid regions of Australia.

[Diyari (Pama-Nyungan language of south-central Australia) pirrinthi and related words in neighboring Pama-Nyungan languages.]


(pəˈrɛntɪ) or


n, pl -ties
(Animals) a large dark-coloured monitor lizard, Varanus giganteus, of central and west Australia which grows to 7 ft
[from a native Australian language]
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In the late 1980s Land Rover developed a 6 x 6 vehicle for the Australian Defence Force's Project Perentie and subsequently 1000 vehicles were assembled in Australia under licence along with almost 3000 Land Rover 110 4 x 4 models.
We saw parrots, a giant perentie lizard, and signs of kangaroo, snake, scorpion, centipede, and dingo.
He will go back to Melbourne and tell the white haired (hook-nosed)--//Adla / kwitakwita [alhe arnkwerte-arnkwerte, hook nosed]--ocknirabata Echunpa [akngerrepate atyunpe, senior perentie (9)] (and his friend the atnitta ocknira [atnerte akngerre, potbellied]) what he has seen and the bowels of the Echunpa [atyunpe, perentie] and the atnitta ocknira [atnerte akngerre, pot-bellied] will be gladdened.
I begin this analysis with an explanation of some of these words and then move into a fuller discussion of the two key characters referred to as the senior perentie (akngerrepate atyunpe) and his 'pot-bellied' 'friend'.
The later includes the replacement of the Special Air Service Regiment's Land Rover 6 x 6 Perentie Long Range Patrol Vehicles that have seen much hard service since being introduced in 1987.
A vehicle derived from the Perentie is among the Land Rover Defender ATVs that Jaguar Land Rover is promoting to the Polish armed forces under the local name Huzar.