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n. pl. per·fec·tos
A cigar of standard length, thick in the center and tapered at each end.

[From Spanish, perfect, from Latin perfectus; see perfect.]


n, pl -tos
(Recreational Drugs) a large cigar that is tapered from both ends
[Spanish, literally: perfect]


(pərˈfɛk toʊ)

n., pl. -tos.
a rather thick, medium-sized cigar tapered at each end.
[1890–95, Amer.; < Sp: literally, perfect]
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There was a little discourse about cigars, showing him exactly why the Thomas Jefferson Five-cent Perfecto was the only cigar worthy of the name.
He always looked in for five minutes, smiled at the girls and handed out real perfectos to the delighted boys.
Este vestido con abrigo a juego nos parece perfecto.
SFO1 Edwin Binwag, investigator from the San Juan City Fire Station, said the fire broke out in a slum area located at Remigio corner San Perfecto streets in barangay San Perfecto around 2:42 pm.
Key products: Perfecto T 32, Perfecto T 46, Perfecto T 68, Perfecto T 100, AeroShell Ascender, AeroShell Turbine Oil 560, and AeroShell Turbine Oil 500
Perfecto - Carmen Maria Chavez and Jose Ambrosio Perfecto-Rocha, of Eugene, a daughter.
Perfecto, executive director of the Makati Business Club, told reporters that a consensus has emerged at the first public private dialogue of the Philippine Business Group -Joint Foreign Chambers with the Economic Cabinet Cluster on Friday that the Fiscal Incentives Rationalization (FIR) bill is not likely to pass in the current Congress.
El carton perfecto es aquel que critica de manera despiadada y sin concesiones .
com)-- Nous Infosystems, a global IT organization offering quality software solutions and services across a broad spectrum of industries and domains, has signed a strategic partnership with Perfecto Mobile, provider of the MobileCloud[TM] Platform and integrated mobile application quality suite.
That's because his automated mobile app testing firm, Woburn-based Perfecto Mobile, is growing fast and will be ready for an IPO by then, according to a Dec.