perforating vein

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Noun1.perforating vein - veins that accompany the perforating arteries; drain leg muscles; empty into the deep femoral vein
vein, vena, venous blood vessel - a blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart; "all veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"
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Often it will extend several centimeters up the posterior thigh to terminate in a perforating vein (PV).
The term chronic venous insufficiency refers to the venous valvular incompetence in the superficial, deep and/or perforating veins.
These lesions usually occur in the medial and occasionally in the lateral perimalleolar region at the site of major perforating veins and the greatest hydrostatic pressure.
Preoperative evaluation of varicose veins must reveal the primary cause of varicosity, secondary reflux, and the distribution of varicosity, including perforating veins.