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n. pl. per·fum·er·ies
1. Perfumes.
2. An establishment that makes or sells perfume.
3. The art of making perfume.


n, pl -eries
1. (Commerce) a place where perfumes are sold
2. (Commerce) a factory where perfumes are made
3. (Commerce) the process of making perfumes
4. perfumes in general


(pərˈfyu mə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. perfumes collectively.
2. the art or business of a perfumer.
3. the place of business of a perfumer.
4. the preparation of perfumes.
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Noun1.perfumery - perfumes in general
perfume, essence - a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor
2.perfumery - store where perfumes are sold
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
3.perfumery - an establishment where perfumes are made
establishment - a public or private structure (business or governmental or educational) including buildings and equipment for business or residence
4.perfumery - the art of making perfumes
artistic creation, artistic production, art - the creation of beautiful or significant things; "art does not need to be innovative to be good"; "I was never any good at art"; "he said that architecture is the art of wasting space beautifully"
صِناعَة العُطور
parfüm mağazası


[pəˈfjuːmərɪ] Nperfumería f; (= perfumes) → perfumes mpl


n (= making perfume)Parfümherstellung f; (= perfume factory)Parfümerie f; (= perfumes)Parfüm nt


[pəˈfjuːmərɪ] nprofumeria


(ˈpəːfjuːm) noun
1. a sweet smell or fragrance. the perfume of roses.
2. a liquid, cream etc which has a sweet smell when put on the skin, hair, clothes etc. She loves French perfume(s).
(pəˈfjuːm) verb
1. to put perfume on or in. She perfumed her hair.
2. to give a sweet smell to. Flowers perfumed the air.
perˈfumery (-ˈfjuː-) plural perˈfumeries noun
a shop where perfume is sold or a factory where it is made.
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Besides, amber is a hard, transparent, brittle, odorless substance, used for mouth-pieces to pipes, for beads and ornaments; but ambergris is soft, waxy, and so highly fragrant and spicy, that it is largely used in perfumery, in pastiles, precious candles, hair-powders, and pomatum.
I stood by the duke at the door, and I see that every man that went in had his pockets bulging, or something muffled up under his coat -- and I see it warn't no perfumery, neither, not by a long sight.
For the perfumery I excuse you," said Don Quixote; "give it to him in reals, and I shall be satisfied; and see that you do as you have sworn; if not, by the same oath I swear to come back and hunt you out and punish you; and I shall find you though you should lie closer than a lizard.
He also acquainted them with the precise amount of the income guaranteed by the Duke of Thigsberry to Violetta Stetta of the Italian Opera, which it appeared was payable quarterly, and not half-yearly, as the public had been given to understand, and which was EXclusive, and not INclusive (as had been monstrously stated,) of jewellery, perfumery, hair-powder for five footmen, and two daily changes of kid-gloves for a page.
As for shawls, kid gloves, silk stockings, gold French watches, bracelets and perfumery, he sent them in with the profusion of blind love and unbounded credit.
This was an antic fellow, half pedlar and half mountebank, who travelled about the country on foot to vend hones, stops, razors, washballs, harness-paste, medicine for dogs and horses, cheap perfumery, cosmetics, and such-like wares, which he carried in a case slung to his back.
Besides which, he quite scented the dining-room with bear's-grease and other perfumery.
An English and Literature student at Syracuse University in New York, Co has always been into perfumery, saying she was inspired in her travels to Europe and Asia by the smell of places, foods and flowers.
COSMO Perfumery & Cosmetics--a new specific salon of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2018 and devoted to buyers, distributors and companies interested in retail Perfumery &' Cosmetics, will be open these same days--starting one day prior to Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna's COSMO Hair & Nail & Beauty Salon, taking place March 16-19.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 29 (ANI): Housed at Barcelona, Spain, Mocemsa, a luxury perfumery brand, is all set to redefine the Indian fragrance industry with its specialized rare product offering.
I reached Fragonard's multilevel ocher building " a parfait of shop, museum and working perfumery " and stood outside to catch my breath after the circuitous trek from the church.
Being able to make extravagant varieties of Oriental and Western perfumes, oils, oud, skin series and toiletries, other accessories and gift items, Asghar Ali has become a synonym of aesthetic experience in the perfumery world.