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n. pericardiectomía, excisión parcial o total del pericardio.
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While many patients may be treated with steroids, most require pericardiectomy which is more difficult given the visceral predominate disease.
Due to the grave prognosis, the owners declined endoscopic pericardiectomy, and the patient died the following day.
These cases highlight the importance of early recognition of a cardiac etiology for ascites, as prompt treatment with a total pericardiectomy significantly improved the patients' quality of life.
The staples on the stump of the left common pulmonary vein on the atrial side were removed to adjust the augmented orifice of the left inferior pulmonary vein under partial clamping of the left atrium following pericardiectomy.
Among the HIV-positive patients, 2 died after pericardiectomy, 1 following a complication of tube pericardiostomy, and 1 while being prepared for surgery because he was haemodynamically unstable.
Pericardiectomy, drainage of 900 cc of yellow effusion, and tube thoracostomy were performed, and a pericardial window was constructed to the right side of the heart.
pursue pericardiectomy must take into account the high risk of the
Pericardiectomy was performed with a postoperative course complicated with A-fib with rapid ventricular response.
On April 5, at pericardiectomy, the pericardium was 1 cm thick and densely adherent to the heart.
The patient subsequently underwent a pericardiectomy without complications.