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n. pl. pe·rid·i·a (-ē-ə)
The covering of the spore-bearing organ in many fungi.

[New Latin pēridium, from Greek pēridion, diminutive of pērā, leather pouch.]

pe·rid′i·al (-ē-əl) adj.


n, pl -ridia (-ˈrɪdɪə)
(Biology) the distinct outer layer of the spore-bearing organ in many fungi
[C19: from Greek pēridion a little wallet, from pēra leather bag, of obscure origin]


(pəˈrɪd i əm)

n., pl. -rid•e•a (-ˈrɪd i ə)
the outer enveloping coat of the fruiting body in many fungi.
[1815–25; < New Latin < Greek pērídion, diminutive of pḗra wallet; see -idium]
pe•rid′i•al, adj.
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Noun1.peridium - outer layer of the spore-bearing organ in many fungiperidium - outer layer of the spore-bearing organ in many fungi
covering, natural covering, cover - a natural object that covers or envelops; "under a covering of dust"; "the fox was flushed from its cover"
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5 um high; c) a peridium constituted by very small and flat warts, almost never transversely striated; d) the odour, at first phenolic (3-methylanisole), then grateful due to the presence of ethyl-methyl-chetone, without any phenolic component; e) thecolour of the gleba, light-brown with numerous, irregularly flexuous and subtle sterile veins; f) theovoid (77-95 x 7-115 um) asci, supported by a hooked pedicle and containing 1-6 spores.
Classification of desert truffles including birds' truffles was based on morphological characters such as morphology of ascomata, spore, peridium, sporocarp odor, as well as color of the gleba.
Comments: Gray colored plasmodiocarps, calcareous peridium, capillicium with calcium nodules connected by hyaline filaments; developed in moist chambers with a basic pH, prepared with inflorescences, flowers and bracts of H.
Peridium less than 1 mm thick tough relatively rough elastic scales present; scales black thin more dense on top spot-like; dehiscence by an irregular rupturing of an apical part.
Recently, Sciessent, creator of naturally occurring silver-based antimicrobial brand Agion partnered with Diamond Vogel to offer the Peridium Powder Coatings line.
Cleisthotecia dispersa vel gregaria, non ostiolata, obpyriformae, subglobosa vel globosa 150-275 [micro]m in diametro crassa, primum hyalina, deinde cremea vel flavida, glabra, peridium membranaceum, pseudoparenchymatosum, textura angulari vel textura globulosa in uno strato compositum, cellulis 4-12 x 2.