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 (pĕr′ə-no͝or′ē-əm, -nyo͝or′-)
n. pl. per·i·neu·ri·a (-no͝or′ē-ə, -nyo͝or′-)
The sheath of connective tissue enclosing a bundle of nerve fibers.

[New Latin : peri- + Greek neuron, nerve; see neuron.]

per′i·neu′ri·al adj.
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These findings were also associated with perineurial edema, thickening, and fibrosis at the site of injury.
Soft tissue perineurioma is a rare benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor showing perineurial cell differentiation.
EMA was seen only in the capsule staining perineurial cells and laminin stained basement membrane around tumor cells.
Internal neurolysis was performed as indicated by intra-operative findings of firmness, intraneural fibrosis, and/or loss of perineurial markings.
6) Ackerman proposes that the cell of origin at such sites could be perineurial cells.
1,2] Neurofibroma is unencapsulated consisting of a mixture of Schwann cells, perineurial cells, and endoneurial fibroblasts.
The main nerve changes at 28-day consisted of necrosis with perineurial fibrosis at the site of CR exposure in conjunction with the nerve vacuolation.
Schwannomas, also referred to as neurilemmomas, neurinomas or perineurial fibroblastoma are benign, non recurring encapsulated nerve sheath tumor composed of Schwann cells.
10) Tourniquet application has been implicated; animal studies demonstrate perineurial edema after 2 to 4 hours of compression and irreversible loss of nerve function after 6 to 8 hours.
2', 3'-Cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase cells derived from transplanted marrow stromal cells and host tissue contribute to perineurial compartment formation in injured rat spinal cord.
Neurofibroma is a circumscribed but non-encapsulated tumor consisting of a mixture of schwann cells, perineurial cells, and endoneurial fibroblasts.
A comparison of epineurial and perineurial sutures for the repair of a divided rat sciatic nerve.