periodontal membrane

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per′iodon′tal mem′brane

the collagenous, fibrous connective tissue between the cementum of the tooth and the alveolus.
Also called per′iodon′tal lig′ament.
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They are typically formed by periapical abscesses, which result from inflammatory degeneration of the pulp and periodontal membrane (4).
Cementoossifying fibroma is a rare nonodontogenic tumor of the periodontal membrane that arises from the mesodermal germ layer This nonneoplastic, locally destructive tumor has occurred as an osseous lesion in the mandible, the maxilla, the zygoma, all the paranasal sinuses, and the orbital and petromastoid regions.
Finally, in oral surgical product development, the Company received 510(k) clearance and CE mark approval for Collagen Periodontal Membrane and Collagen Dental Membrane.

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