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1. Surrounding or encasing a tooth: a periodontal ligament.
2. Relating to or affecting tissue and structures surrounding and supporting the teeth.

per′i·o·don′tal·ly adv.


(Dentistry) dentistry with respect to periodontal tissue
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Now, when a patient is assigned to a second-year dental student, a dental hygiene student is assigned to work with that dental student, offering additional instruction and tips for calculus removal on periodontally involved patients.
Relative distribution of bacteria at clinically healthy and periodontally diseased sites in humans.
A complete periodontal examination was performed and the patient was periodontally healthy.
In addition, erupting permanent teeth were not found to be periodontally affected microbiological findings showed that the periopathogens were significantly decreased at follow-up, however they reappeared at 12- and 18- months at low levels.
Fortunately, Richard displayed healthy hygiene, joints and muscles and was stable periodontally.
He covers examination and diagnosis, the roles of crown-lengthening and mucogingival therapies, treating the periodontally involved furcation, restoration of the periodontally treated tooth, and developing treatment algorithms for restoration or replacement of the compromised tooth, with clinical examples and color photos.
Effect of an Er:YAG laser on periodontally involved root surfaces: an in vivo and in vitro SEM comparison.
Epidemiological associations between periodontally and cardiovascular disease have been reported.
These periodontally healthy individuals did not show CAL, PPD > 3 mm at more than one site, and radiographic evidence of bone loss (22).
Thus, periodontally healthy patients with poor oral hygiene and poorly controlled diabetes may be at greater risk for the initiation and/or progression of periodontitis.
We have long standing patients who return to us and refer us, as well as dentists who refer periodontally involved patients who cannot afford therapy in private practice.
Effect of Cigarette smoking on Human PDL Fibroblasts Attachment to Periodontally Involved Root surfaces In Vitro.