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n. pl. per·i·os·te·a (-tē-ə)
The dense fibrous membrane covering the surface of bones except at the joints and serving as an attachment for muscles and tendons.

[New Latin, from Late Latin periosteon, from Greek, from periosteos, around the bone : peri-, peri- + osteon, bone; see ost- in Indo-European roots.]

per′i·os′te·al (-tē-əl), per′i·os′te·ous (-tē-əs) adj.
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Modified Periosteal Releasing Incision (MPRI) for Flap Advancement: A Practical Technique for Tensionless Closure
Radiologic examination revealed smooth periosteal reactions ventrally at thoracic vertebrae 5 to 7.
Mollisons mastoid retractor, Micro Suction Cannula set (Set of 4), Suction Cannula Connector,r, Periosteal elevators, Alegator forceps (Micro), Micro Scissors, Cup forceps for ear, Angled forceps Right, Angled forceps Left, Curved prick blunt, Round knife, Flag knife, Mastoid cell seeker, Measuring rod, Mastoid Curattages small, Stapedectomy perforater 0.
Outside radiographs of the left forearm demonstrated a well-defined, diffusely sclerotic lesion of the distal ulna with a smoothly marginated, radiodense extra-osseous component and notable absence of irregular or interrupted periosteal reaction (Figure 1A).
Typical femoral periosteal stress reaction was described as cortical thickening in the lateral side of the subtrochanteric region.
Pachydermoperiostosis is an autosomal dominant disorder characterized by periosteal new bone formation, and involves the distal extremities.
Single photon emission computed tomography/computed tomography (SPECT/CT) imaging of the chest localized the radiotracer uptake to sites of periosteal calcification, including exostoses, along ribs and the scapulae bilaterally (Figure 3).
Moreover, by cutting around the screw holes, these plates also minimize contact between the metal and the periosteal bone enhancing blood flow and the healing process.
While exostoses are believed to represent periosteal reactions secondary to multiple cold-water immersions, (1) osteomas are considered to be true bone tumors.
Plain radiographic changes of osteomyelitis (cortical erosion, periosteal reaction, mixed lucency, and sclerosis) may lag clinical disease by up to a month, and diagnosis may require the use of serial radiographs or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Dynamic histomorphometric parameters were measured in periosteal surfaces and endocortical surfaces according to Parfitt's methods (Parfitt et al.