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[French péripétie, from Greek peripeteia; see peripeteia.]

peripeteia, peripetia, peripety

Literature. a sudden change in the course of events, especially in dramatic works.
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Noun1.peripety - a sudden and unexpected change of fortune or reverse of circumstances (especially in a literary work); "a peripeteia swiftly turns a routine sequence of events into a story worth telling"
surprise - a sudden unexpected event
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Montaignean skepticism's intrusion into the theatrical realm creates a disruptive opportunity to question precedence as a means of evaluation, and Michael Neill has noted that the ethos of A King and No King derives substantially from such skepticism: "The protean qualities of this drama, the violent switches of attitude and behavior, are not simply resources of theatrical expediency: they reveal the dramatists' sense of a world knit up of contraries, inherently unstable and liable to sudden alteration and peripety.
89), now serves as an instrument of healing, (87) a peripety that inverts Romelio's observation that medical incision is close to stabbing: in notable contrast to the tenting metaphor in tragedy, the villain here literally kills to become a surgeon.
To resolve this intricate peripety in Bradwardine's favor requires a great amount of skill and maneuvering, and Scott rises admirably to the occasion.
There is a line of critical vision that accepts the processual nature that this sonnet form lends to the poem, the peripety of the sonnet's psychic drama taking place at the volta, or "turn," between its eighth and ninth lines, that is, in the transfer from the octave to the sestet.
The tavern's barkeep Mickey Maloy and Jamie Cregan rehearse the history of Con Melody's birth in an Irish manor, his heroism--and libido--in the Seventh Dragoons in Spain, and his peripety outside of Boston.
Contrasting with this approach of conversion as peripety was what Goddard conceives as a medieval, gradualist approach to conversion favored by the Franciscans.
include: the indulgence of strong emotionalism; moral polarization and schematization; extreme states of being, situations, actions; overt villainy, persecution of the good, and final reward of virtue; inflated extravagant expression; dark plotting, suspense, breathtaking peripety.
But then we experience the peripety and resolution Mozart has constructed, so that we are brought back to this world and we go over the opening phrases in our mind--which we heard just a few seconds earlier--and we realize all of a sudden where they fit in the structure and we gasp in admiration at the whole piece.
25]: Boudu sauve des eaux [formalism of class], The House of Mirth [formalism of character: peripety, recognition].
And it is precisely here, in emulation of Tom's condition, that Lear signals the play's peripety by the single, magnificent, unmistakably Pauline response: "Off, off, you lendings
The first half of the formula is examined under the rubric of peripety or reversal.
And this peripety is pleasing because we adopt the priest's interest point of view, rather than the powerful, oppressive Bishop's.