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The flexible membrane around the anus of certain invertebrates, especially echinoids.

[peri- + Greek prōktos, anus.]


(Zoology) zoology a tough membranous area surrounding the anus in echinoderms and certain other invertebrates
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The Upper Cretaceous faujasiid genera recorded from NA deposits are the stygmatopygines Hardouinia and Petalobrissus and the faujasiines Lefortia, Domechinus, and Faujasia--subfamilies separated on the position of the periproct (anus).
Anatomy, apical system, clypeasteroid, Dendrasteridae, development, eccentricity, echinoid, evolution, periproct, peristome, sand dollar.
The periproct, or anal opening, is also located centrally, within the plates of the apical system.
In irregular echinoids, the periproct migrates from the apical system into the posterior interambulacrum.
Many irregular echinoids are anatomically polarized: the peristome lies near the anterior end of the test, whereas the periproct lies at the posterior end (fig.
In many holectypoids and clypeasteroids, the peristome and the periproct are both found on the oral surface of the test: the peristome typically lies near the center, whereas the periproct lies between the peristome and the posterior margin (fig.
This phenomenon may be termed "retrodisplacement," because the direction of periproct movement is opposite to the expected direction of periproct movement in irregular echinoids.
During the course of dendrasterid evolution, the periproct has shifted anteriorly in the manner described above, from the posterior margin onto the oral surface.
Together, these two papers provide a comprehensive model for the evolution of the characteristic features of the dendrasterid test, including the peristome, periproct, apical system, ambulacra, and interambulacra.
The retrodisplacement of the peristome and periproct are two of the effects predicted by the developmental model.
These would include aboral periprocts, simple internal partitions, and food grooves (listed by Mooi, 1990).