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n. pl. per·i·neph·ri·a (-rē-ə)
The connective and fatty tissue surrounding a kidney.

[New Latin, from Greek perinephros, fat around the kidneys : peri-, peri- + nephros, kidney.]

per′i·neph′ral (-nĕf′rəl), per′i·neph′ri·al (-rē-əl), per′i·neph′ric (-rĭk) adj.


a. perinefrítico-a, rel. a o cercano al riñón.


adj perirrenal
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In the inflammatory process of retrocecal appendix, it can spread to the perirenal, adrenal, and subhepatic region (6).
Quantitative trait loci mapping for fatty acid composition traits in perirenal and back fat using a Japanese wild boar x Large White intercross.
In addition, pediatric kidneys are more vulnerable to injury due to their bones being less rigid, more pliable thoracic rib cage, less perirenal fat, and weaker abdominal musculature.
Other renal imaging findings are focal renal parenchymal mass, renal calcifications, and renal pelvic masses due to amyloid deposition and perirenal soft tissue mass with calcifications (13).
Association study between variability in the SCD gene and the fatty acid profile in perirenal and intramuscular fat deposits from Spanish goat populations.
Bu durum semptomatik olarak nadiren gozlenirken (%1'in altinda), asemptomatik intrarenal, subkapsuler ve perirenal hematom gorulme olasiligi %20-25'lere cikabilmektedir (1).
Infiltration of perirenal space may extend to the pararenal space with irregular borders, thus will be given the name "hairy kidney".
KFI = (kidney weight plus perirenal fat weight) per kidney weight.
However, in type 2, there exist confined, bubbly, intrarenal gas pattern, renal and perirenal fluid collections, and gas formation in renal pelvis.
US case of the day: Retroperitoneal fibrosis with perirenal involvement.
One patient in this group had residual calculi, one had perirenal hematoma, and two patients developed fever.
Upon rectal examination, a large firm mass in the right perirenal region and scanty feces with a gross normal appearance were detected.