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Subject to decay, spoilage, or destruction.
pl.n. perishables
Items, especially foodstuffs, that are subject to decay or spoilage: placed the perishables in the freezer.

per′ish·a·bil′i·ty, per′ish·a·ble·ness n.
per′ish·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.perishability - unsatisfactoriness by virtue of being subject to decay or spoilage or destruction
unsatisfactoriness - the quality of being inadequate or unsuitable
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Our objective was to produce the maximum amount of energy savings without compromising employee and customer comfort, product presentation or merchandise perishability," says a spokesperson for the company.
The time had passed when supermarkets described the sector as "a seat of the pants business, because of its perishability and range," he added.
A shipper-commodity is a bundle of commodity value, perishability, carrying cost per unit, ordering costs, distribution of product demand, and backorder or lost sales costs.
Schenker also has extensive experience within the paper industry, implementing the technology, equipment and security systems necessary to meet the specific handling, perishability, security and logistics needs of buyers and sellers of pulp and paper.
In today's fast-paced, snack-driven culture, perishability and convenience make fresh fruit difficult to eat.
Everyone recognizes the need for fruit in their diet, but perishability, and convenience make fruit fairly impractical as a snack," said Dane Lance, vice president of world-wide marketing and sales at Sunsweet.
Cut flowers represent a great opportunity for the exploiting of our FreshSpan(TM) technology, given the high profit margin and perishability of floral products.
Pizza has many obstacles to being a popular Internet product because of perishability," says Jeffrey Turback, spokesman for The New York First Company, "but Rocco's uses durable foil-laminated, metallized bubble cushions with leakproof refrigerant gel packs to maintain safe temperature throughout overnight delivery.
Daily replenishment of the blood supply due to its perishability is also critical, as is greater donor diversity so the local blood supply can more closely match the local patient population, Dr.
Cut flowers represent a great opportunity for the exploiting of our FreshSpan(TM) technology given the high margin and perishability of the floral industry.
The vegetable industry will continue to experience volatile markets because growing conditions can change radically during each season and the perishability of produce limits its storage.
Historically, high transportation costs have been one of the major barriers to the distribution of fresh fruit to food banks since the fruit must be refrigerated while transported due to its high perishability.