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Subject to decay, spoilage, or destruction.
pl.n. perishables
Items, especially foodstuffs, that are subject to decay or spoilage: placed the perishables in the freezer.

per′ish·a·bil′i·ty, per′ish·a·ble·ness n.
per′ish·a·bly adv.
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Noun1.perishability - unsatisfactoriness by virtue of being subject to decay or spoilage or destruction
unsatisfactoriness - the quality of being inadequate or unsuitable
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Congress was concerned that a produce seller would be especially vulnerable due to the distances between the seller and a produce buyer, the perishability of the seller's goods, and the expense and impracticality of a seller seeking to recover its goods and otherwise enforce its claim in the event the buyer failed to pay for the goods.
Thus vulnerabilities suffer from perishability (fixed once discovered through its use with an exploit) and obsolescence (fixed once discovered by self-initiated examinations or discovery by other organizations).
Scarcity influences our ability to think clearly when making decisions, and accelerates our perceived perishability of an offer.
What is reasonable will depend upon the mode of the communication of the offer, and the price volatility and perishability of the subject matter.
Since dairies generally have limited geographic markets, due to the perishability of milk, the acquired dairies tended to retain control over their own territory.
Due to the high perishability of dairy products, nearly all of Dodla's milk is procured locally from smallholder farmers.
Compressed wood panels (CWP) is a biomaterial that can potentially address common issues with fast-growing wood, including low density, high perishability, and low mechanical strength.
While beef fits into the characteristics of critical, high-volume products, its perishability requires different techniques and expectations and its volume and value is smaller than linens and terry and glassware.
There has not been much investment in the industry on value addition, which could have dealt with perishability of the product and brought stability to business.
Fresh produce is characterized by high perishability, short shelf life and high demand and supply variations.
The process requires an understanding of the chemical and biological processes linked to perishability and relies on physical means to insure appropriate temperature conditions along the supply chain.