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tr.v. per·jured, per·jur·ing, per·jures Law
To make (oneself) guilty of perjury.

[Middle English perjuren, from Old French perjurer, from Latin periūrāre : per-, per- + iūrāre, to swear; see yewes- in Indo-European roots.]

per′jur·er n.
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Noun1.perjurer - a person who deliberately gives false testimony
liar, prevaricator - a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly


Law. One who tells lies:
Informal: storyteller.


[ˈpɜːdʒərəʳ] Nperjuro/a m/f
References in classic literature ?
Biscarrat, repulsed by his friends, unable to accompany them, without passing in the eyes of Porthos and Aramis for a traitor and a perjurer, with painfully attentive ear and unconsciously supplicating hands leaned against the rough side of a rock which he thought must be exposed to the fire of the musketeers.
Come in, you false witness, you perjurer, you suborner of evidence, come in
I - a- I'll know nobody - and - a - say nothing - and - a - live nowhere - until I have crushed - to - a - undiscoverable atoms - the - transcendent and immortal hypocrite and perjurer - HEEP
Parnassus with his excellent grandfather Autolycus--who was the most accomplished thief and perjurer in the whole world--and with the sons of Autolycus.
And there will I not reside and abide where every one spitteth and speweth: that is now MY taste,--rather would I live amongst thieves and perjurers.
The MP and convicted perjurer Sheridan are the main speakers at a Yes rally in Dundee today despite the Solidarity leader having being frozen out of the independence referendum campaign.
The bank pursued him, and courts in London found that he was a fraudster, forger, liar and perjurer.
Defense lawyers characterized DiPascali as a convicted perjurer who would say and do anything to lighten his expected sentence.
Obama "is being given cooked-up intelligence because John Brennan, the head of the CIA, and James Clapper, the confessed perjurer, have thought it in their best interests to cater to the wishes of the White House, which have been very clear: aACAythis time, we want to strike Syria,'" McGovern concluded.
The case is being brought against Iowa prosecutors by two former prisoners who had been freed by the Iowa Supreme Court when it concluded that same witness was "a liar and a perjurer.
He also stoutly maintains his innocence, calling his former longtime business partner, David Radler, a thief and a perjurer, and declaring that his successors thoroughly destroyed the company formerly known as Hollinger International Inc.
The Knesset has turned into a perjurer in our lives.