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a. Granting or inclined to grant permission; tolerant or lenient: permissive parents.
b. Characterized by freedom of personal behavior or a disregard of traditional social mores.
2. Permitted or optional: permissive uses of funds.
3. Biology Supporting viral replication. Used of a cell.

per·mis′sive·ly adv.
per·mis′sive·ness n.
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Adv.1.permissively - in a permissive manner


[pəˈmɪsɪvlɪ] ADVpermisivamente
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section] 1320a-7 lists a number of categories of entities to be mandatorily or permissively excluded from participation in federal and state health care programs; among those listed are entities convicted of fraud and those found to have paid kickbacks.
Yet, even at this time, vociferous dissents by Justices Murphy and Rutledge advocated interpretations that reflected an inconsistency between a narrow and permissively oriented interpretation of the Geneva Conventions and fundamental American values.
begins permissively, waiting until the illicit market shrinks to some
According to Steven Snyder, state regulation in the United States falls into three categories: first, states that are proactive in that they have either legislated permissively or prohibitively; second, states which have not legislated but in which appellate decisions have supplied some judicially created law that governs; and finally, those states that have no legislation or case law.
Furthermore, even if FNC dismissal is not required, a Colorado court could permissively dismiss on FNC grounds--a likely possibility given Colorado's strong desire to unclog its courts' dockets of foreign claimants.
Japan's constitution restricts the nation's Self-Defense Forces to just that -- defensive activities -- but the constitution can be construed permissively to allow, for example, defenses against ballistic missiles and protection of allies.
235) Even so, courts have treated illegal secrets permissively, refusing to probe meaningfully whether the secrecy exemptions granted by Congress presuppose the Executive's compliance with other law.
Articles 20 and 21 of the Code are worded permissively so as to grant physicians the discretion to breach professional secrecy "when there are compelling and just grounds related to the health or safety of the patient or of others.
83) The circuit court reasoned these factors and questions of whether the "arising out of' requirement under CPLR 302 should be applied narrowly or permissively, combined with the issue of whether a causal connection between the defendant's contacts with New York and the plaintiffs lawsuit is required, caused an ambiguity in the meaning of the statute which would best be answered by certifying the questions to New York's highest court.
Clearly there was a desire on the Court not to permissively expand on the numbers of ineffective-assistance cases, but there was also the intent to have the legal profession, through the ABA and state bar associations, establish standards of professional responsibility and regulate defense counsel.
It should regulate all electronic monitoring, even if it does so permissively.