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1. Tending to cause death or serious injury; deadly: a pernicious virus.
2. Causing great harm; destructive: pernicious rumors.

[Middle English, from Old French pernicios, from Latin perniciōsus, from perniciēs, destruction : per-, per- + nex, nec-, violent death; see nek- in Indo-European roots.]

per·ni′cious·ly adv.
per·ni′cious·ness n.
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Adv.1.perniciously - in a harmfully insidious manner; "these drugs act insidiously"
2.perniciously - in a noxiously baneful way; "this banefully poisoned climate"


[pɜːˈnɪʃəslɪ] ADVperniciosamente
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The facts are easily verifiable, the public record voluminous and indisputable - if only this government official, her salary and the state resources at her command paid for by the people's money, had the basic integrity to Google history instead of using her official perch to propagandize falsely, perniciously.
Bush waged war on Iraq, which means succumbing to the pressure of sinister individuals and organizations who are working perniciously to "create a false impression that war is the only way to address the threats posed by Iran.
This band of what became seven, including painter James Collinson and sculptor Thomas Woolner, vowed, in the words of Rossetti's brother, the writer William Michael, 'to study Nature attentively' and to avoid mannerisms introduced by Raphael and exemplified most perniciously in the paintings of Joshua Reynolds.
I choose to face my own biases (as a recovering mansplainer), with privilege as a starting point to help myself and others face it where it exists most perniciously and in the cultural and temporal institutions we have often inadvertently and sometimes intentionally built to benefit a few, at the expense of the many.
When case notes are dragged out of distressed stories from past life and used against them to justify/excuse/attack the complainant, the trust is perniciously betrayed.
In light of his infamous Nazi collaboration, Heidegger's philosophical notion of Geworfenheit, or "thrownness," takes on a perniciously black connotation here that will not be shook off).
The word, which in English would be "swallowing up" or "devouring," resonates with the "swallowing up" of the Dutchman's vessel at the end of Der fliegende Hollander-the opera conceived at precisely the time, in the early 1840s, that Wagner came under the influence of the perniciously judeophobic Karl Gutzkow (1811-1878); and it suggests the autodejudaisation, or "self-de-Judification," that Wagner exhorts the Jews to undergo (p.
But some, particularly in political geography, have underscored the need for geographers to engage with the policy world and to promote deep regional knowledge as an antidote to the imperial and destructive potential of ill-informed US foreign policies (for instance Murphy, 2006, 2013; Murphy et ah, 2005; O Tuathail, 2010; Toal, 2003), as well as combatting perniciously essentialist accounts of geography in popular media, exemplified recently in Kaplan's (2012) Revenge of Geography.
These oftentimes special effect, action movies, including such franchises as Transformers and The Avengers, knowingly for comic effect reiterate patriarchal images but also more insistently, perniciously, promote an acceptance of the view that we are in the last stage of development and that no cultural alternatives exist.
He stressed that the Federal Government is also working perniciously in creating a safe environment for teaching and learning across the education landscape.
This form of oppression perniciously chips away at White humanity and their ability to interact rationally with humankind as a whole.