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n, pl perniones
(Pathology) a technical term for chilblain


(ˈtʃɪl bleɪn)

n. Usu., chilblains.
an inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture. Also called pernio.
[1540–50; chill + blain]
chil′blained, adj.
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Noun1.pernio - inflammation of the hands and feet caused by exposure to cold and moisture
blain - an inflammatory swelling or sore
kibe - ulcerated chilblain on the heel
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On the vegetational and agricultural history of Pernio, SW Finland: results of pollen and ash residue analyses and 14C-datings.
Cutaneous involvement of the face, such as lupus pernio or parotid enlargement, occurs in some patients.
The distribution of specific types of skin lesions was plaque (12), nodules (10), papules (6), lupus pernio (4) and maculopapular rashes (1).
Organ systems involved in sarcoidosis (2), (4), (9), (15) Organ system Frequency of Comment involvement (%) Lungs [less than or Most commonly involved equal to]95 organ Skin 15 - 25 Erythema nodosum, plaques, subcutaneous nodules, lupus pernio (facial plaques) Lymph nodes 15 - 30 Usually firm (hilar in up and non-tender to 90) Eye 12 Anterior uveitis most common (65% of eye involvement).
Cases of Mortimer's malady, a form of lupus pernio.