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 (pĕr′ən, pə-rōN′)
1. A platform at the entrance of a large building.
2. A flight of steps leading to such a platform.

[Middle English peroun, block of stone used as a platform, from Old French perrun : pierre, stone (from Latin petra, stone, rock; see petrify) + -on, -un, diminuitive suffix (from Latin -ō, -ōn-, n. suff.)]


(Architecture) an external flight of steps, esp one at the front entrance of a building
[C14: from Old French, from pierre stone, from Latin petra]


(ˈpɛr ən; Fr. pɛˈrɔ̃)

n., pl. per•rons (ˈpɛr ənz; Fr. pɛˈrɔ̃)
an outside platform upon which the entrance door of a building opens, with steps leading to it.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French, Old French, derivative of pierre stone < Latin petra < Greek pétra]
References in classic literature ?
de Bragelonne had not had time to fasten his horse to the iron bars of the perron, when M.
This was the brunette; the other remained behind the balcony, concealed by the flowers, watching attentively through the branches the perron by which M.
Invitation to tender: station rosental: perron increase and road renewal
The conference planning committee comprised Steve Perron of CGI Group, who is TEI's vice president for Canadian affairs; David Card of Enbridge, chair of the Canadian commodity tax committee; and Paul McGrath of Huawei Canada, chair of the Canadian income tax committee.
After more than 20 years in the realms of music and design, Perron has become known as a human nucleus for creativity and connection.
For the last 30 years, Perron has been providing design, remodeling, and new home construction to the greater Los Angeles area.
Two books, Dancing Through It by former NYCB principal Jenifer Ringer and Through the Eyes of a Dancer by dancer-faculty member-Dance magazine editor Wendy Perron, give honest testaments, many firsthand, to the pressures dancers face in achieving something close to "perfection" on stage.
Deborah Perron Tollefsen is a faculty member of the University of Memphis, Tennessee.
Perron II and his wife Marcia of Byfield; his loving grandchildren, Philip Anderson II and his wife Kathleen of Delaware, Tracy and her husband Michael Coolican of Florida, Amie and her husband Brian Fabiano of Ashland, and Nathan Laster and his wife Agnieszka of Sturbridge.
Head of Sony Mobile Europe, Pierre Perron, said that the company didn't want to offer only one flavour of mobile OS, adding that they were in discussion with Microsoft on broader Sony spectrum.
THE CONJURING (15) ROGER PERRON (Ron Livingston) and wife Carolyn (Lili Taylor) arrive at a rundown farmhouse in Harrisville with their five daughters.
IFA lobbyist Jay Perron was named one of Association TRENDS 2013 Leading Lobbyists for his efforts in the association's aggressive pursuit to change the definition of a full-time employee from 30 to 40 hours, while also promoting strong safeguards for an employment verification system as part of any comprehensive immigration reform effort.