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intr.v. per·sev·er·at·ed, per·sev·er·at·ing, per·sev·er·ates Psychology
To manifest or experience perseveration.

[Back-formation from perseveration.]

per·sev′er·a′tive adj.


vb (intr)
(Psychology) psychol to reiterate to excess or when original impetus no longer applies


(pərˈsɛv əˌreɪt)

v.i. -at•ed, -at•ing.
to repeat a word, gesture, or act insistently or redundantly.
[1910; back formation from perseveration < German Perseverationtendenz]
per•sev`er•a′tion, n.
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Verb1.perseverate - psychology: repeat a response after the cessation of the original stimulus; "The subjects in this study perseverated"
ingeminate, iterate, reiterate, repeat, restate, retell - to say, state, or perform again; "She kept reiterating her request"
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He could perform self-care and toileting with close supervision/contact guard but still had moderate-to-severe expressive aphasia and perseverated when performing complex tasks.
Two distinct patterns of responding were obtained: (1) some participants perseverated on a response despite repeated deliveries of feedback that the response was incorrect, and (2) some participants selected a different response following only one delivery of this feedback.
The combination of Ajay's disabilities meant he either perseverated or quickly disengaged from activities.
To fortify them, I perseverated until they were blots" (142).
He perseverated on anything he wanted to do or have, such as a particular toy.
One unusual interaction between PTSD reexperiencing symptoms and status postTBI is a case in which the reexperienced traumatic event apparently became a perseverated response [112].