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intr.v. per·sev·er·at·ed, per·sev·er·at·ing, per·sev·er·ates Psychology
To manifest or experience perseveration.

[Back-formation from perseveration.]

per·sev′er·a′tive adj.


(Psychology) psychol relating to perseveration
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Objects of high interest were rotated with objects that were not a perseverative interest for the individual child.
The scores generated by WCST included the categories completed, perseverative errors, perseverative responses, and conceptual level responses.
The poor performance was demonstrated by their reduced number of categories completed (CC), greater failure in set maintenance (FSM), and a higher number of perseverative errors (PE).
Adult use of language was employed with Gail to serve one of three purposes: stipulating an appropriate time for perseverative conversation topics, establishing a connection to the past as a means of adjusting to change, and providing language for expressing emotions.
The dynamics of embodiment: a Field theory of infant perseverative reaching.
In this study we scored the number of completed categories, total errors, perseverative responses, non-perseverative errors, trials to complete first category, failure to maintain set, and the percentage of conceptual responses.
Like their younger peers, older patients with ASD show persistent social deficit and rigid thinking, adhere to inflexible routines, and may have perseverative interests.
However, errors such as totally no response, visuospatial impairment, paragraph agraphia, ideograph, and perseverative writing errors were only seen in AD group.
The Perseverative Thinking Questionnaire (PTQ): Validation of a content-independent measure of repetitive negative thinking.
The teacher persisted in admonishing him, and his loud apologizing became perseverative.
L has several episodes of agitation with a disorganized thought process and perseverative speech.