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1. Light good-natured talk; banter.
2. Frivolity or mockery in discussing a subject.

[French, from persifler, to banter : per-, intensive pref. (from Latin; see per-) + siffler, to whistle (from Old French, from Late Latin sīfilāre, alteration of Latin sībilāre).]


light frivolous conversation, style, or treatment; friendly teasing
[C18: via French, from persifler to tease, from per- (intensive) + siffler to whistle, from Latin sībilāre to whistle]


(ˈpɜr səˌflɑʒ, ˈpɛər-)

light, bantering talk.
[1750–60; < French, derivative of persifler to banter =per- per- + siffler to whistle, hiss]
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Noun1.persiflage - light teasing
backchat, banter, raillery, give-and-take - light teasing repartee


[ˌpɜːsɪˈflɑːʒ] Nburlas fpl, guasa f


nPersiflage f
References in classic literature ?
It did not appear that evening that she succeeded; but as he was rising to take his leave she passed suddenly, as she was very apt to do, from the tone of unsparing persiflage to that of almost tremulous sympathy.
Winterbourne, who denied the existence of such a person, was quite unable to discover, and he was divided between amazement at the rapidity of her induction and amusement at the frankness of her persiflage.
I could neither laugh with nor at the solemn utterances of men I esteemed ponderous asses; nor could I laugh, nor engage in my old-time lightsome persiflage, with the silly superficial chatterings of women, who, underneath all their silliness and softness, were as primitive, direct, and deadly in their pursuit of biological destiny as the monkeys women were before they shed their furry coats and replaced them with the furs of other animals.
He was not an Italian, still less a Frenchman, in whose blood there runs the very spirit of persiflage and of gracious repartee.
She was tall, beautiful, lively, gracious and learned in persiflage.
Attache a cette approche sage et mature, le parti est fortement conscient que ses compagnons de lutte a la tete desquels evoluaient, il y a quelque temps, des calibres de taille tels Abderrahmane Youssoufi et M'hamed Boucetta, entre autres, chutent, aujourd'hui, dans les mains de ceux qui n'honorent en rien ce passe recent ou la politique etait autre que ragot et persiflage.
With the exception of the Cello Sonata, virtuously alternating lyricism with the sarcasm and persiflage of the late second cello concerto, all the recordings have been released by Supraphon for the very first time.
It was a mirror of petit bourgeois behavior, but more as a kind of persiflage than an attack.
Interpretes par Sanhouri Makram et Mounir Ammari, aides dans une figuration intelligente par Walid Daghesni, les differents courants qui s'affrontent pour definir un modele de gouvernance dans la Tunisie d'aujourd'hui, sont passes en revue dans le persiflage et la derision.
First, the persiflage -- Robert wanted to start a "Letters to the Editor" column to discuss local politics.
As you may have guessed, all this persiflage is leading up to another non-Olympic event: the stroll.
Why do we have to battle through this persiflage of jargon?