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It's increasingly important for consumers to educate themselves before looking for a personal loan.
Banks are recording a minimum 10 per cent month on month growth with respect to their personal loan portfolio.
She applied for a low cost personal loan and John Hird, senior loans ocer at Five Lamps, arranged to meet Louise face-to-face to discuss her suitability for a personal loan.
hk has launched a new online personal loan calculator to help Hong Kong people save money and get better deals by comparing the details of personal loans from more than 20 banks.
The interest rates on personal loans was also capped at 6% per annum and the personal loan repayment period was extended to 10 years at maximum with two-month grace period as an option for the customer.
In some cases, your HR (human resources) manager, the person who would also have to put together salary certificate letters if you were to apply for that personal loan, should be able to help you as well.
Doha Bank announced the extension of its 0% personal loan offer which currently offers customers transferring their salaries to secure a personal loan and benefit from a special grace period of up to 3 months, as well as competitive loan rates.
MANAMA: Standard Chartered Bank is launching its three-day time-limited personal loan festival starting today at its main branch in Manama.
Mashreq Majestic 24hrs Personal Loan wins 'Best Personal Loan' in the UAE from Banker Middle East Product Awards.
6% over the year to January, which was driven by a sharp 7% contraction in personal loan and overdraft lending.
A 'PRICE WAR' to attract personal loan customers was stepped up, as a supermarket launched a deal with the lowest rate seen in a decade.