personnel manager

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The appeal officer confirmed he did travel to Moore's unnamed Tesco store, but did not speak to the store manager, personnel manager or anyone else in connection with the matter.
She is also acting as a mentor herself for a newly appointed personnel manager and department manager who are based in different John Lewis branches, and has set up a networking forum bringing together HR professionals in Newcastle.
CITB-ConstructionSkills has appointed Maureen Henderson, former personnel manager at Durham's Premier Waste Management, as its company development adviser.
The personnel manager says: "You've passed all the tests except one.
Tesco group personnel manager Samantha Cookson said: "This will be very much a local store.
The basic applications include the Policy & Compliance Manager, the Policy Trainer, the Alarm Manager, the Personnel Manager, the Task & Admin Manager, and my-SAFE Portal, a personalized dashboard for system monitor, control, and analysis.
He later worked as a personnel manager for Deutsch Co.
Williams, who is the personnel manager with the San Antonio Recruiting Battalion, could be transferred before he is eligible for retirement in about two and a half years.
Janice Ballantine, former personnel manager at Parc Prison in Bridgend, told an employment tribunal that jail deputy Gaynor Flay said 'men could control the inmates better'.
The personnel manager and five staffers have already left, with the other two managers agreeing to stay until the end of January 2004.
Formerly group personnel manager at Heinz, Bey will be responsible for the training, development and recruitment of skilled, high calibre staff at Freshway.
Earlier in her career, Anderson had several stints with the City of New York, as personnel manager for the NYC Office for Economic Development and various posts with the NYC Public Development Corporation (now called Economic Development Corp.

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