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Separation of a mixture in which a component is diffused through a semipermeable membrane and evaporated.

[per- + (e)vaporation (on the model of permeation).]
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Noun1.pervaporation - the concentration of a colloidal solution whose colloid will not pass through a semipermeable membrane; solution is placed in a bag of the membrane and the solvent is evaporated off
concentration - strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing diluting material
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Thermodialysis differs from analogous non-isothermal membrane processes, such as pervaporation or membrane distillation, since the driving force in the case of thermodialysis is the radiation pressure associated with the thermal waves travelling in a non-isothermal liquid (7, 8).
2004) presented and investigated experimentally a novel vapor absorption refrigeration system in which a pervaporation membrane replaces the conventional generator for concentration of the working fluids.
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