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also pes·ca·tar·i·an  (pĕs′kə-târ′ē-ən)
A person whose diet is primarily vegetarian but also includes fish. Also called pesco-vegetarian.

[Perhaps Italian pesce, fish (from Latin piscis) or a kindred Romance word such as Spanish pescado, fish + (vege)tarian.]
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I was pescetarian and the aim was to go vegetarian and from veggie to vegan.
She explains: "I recently became a pescetarian, which means I'm a fish-eating veggie, and I don't drink cow's milk.
With many of the dishes described as breakfasts, choose from - among others - the Hitch (bacon, sausage, hash browns, fried eggs, beans and toast for a fiver), the pescetarian (smoked, peppered mackerel, hash browns, fried egg, tomato, mushrooms, toast for PS7) and the vegetarian (veggie sausage, grilled halloumi, fried egg, hash browns, tomato, mushrooms, beans, toast for PS7.
Since I went pescetarian in the new year I've been forced to look beyond my staple choice of a beefburger when trying new restaurants, and so I adventurously went for the veggie chilli burger with jalapeno cheese sauce, while my better half opted for the satay cauliflower wrap.
Upon signing up at gatheredtable, users input their information and preferences-household profile (number of adults and children), how many nights per week they'd like to cook, primary household diet (omnivore, kosher, paleo, pescetarian, vegan, etc.
It is a paradise for seafood lovers and while it wouldn't be my first choice, my pescetarian pals ensured me the grub was top notch.
She loves to cook--as a pescetarian, she eats a primarily plant-based diet supplemented with a daily multivitamin and probiotic.
As someone who has been fascinated by and infatuated with food for as long as I can remember (and through subsequent chapters as a chef, restaurateur, author, teacher, consultant, and media expert), I have explored and navigated many denominations of food philosophy: vegetarian, vegan, raw, macrobiotic, Ayurvedic, locavore, pescetarian, gluten-free, and hybrids of each.
My pescetarian friend chose the goat's cheese salad (her first choice, the Californian Calamari, was off) at pounds 4.