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(Currencies) a Ghanaian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a cedi


(peɪˈseɪ wɑ)

n., pl. -wa, -was.
a monetary unit of Ghana, equal to 1/100 of the cedi.
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Noun1.pesewa - 100 pesewas equal 1 cedi in Ghana
Ghanian monetary unit - monetary unit of Ghana
cedi - the basic unit of money in Ghana
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In all these years, he has neither been paid nor demanded to be paid one pesewa as rent although his terms of engagement stipulated that he be paid rent allowance in lieu of living in an official residence.
THIS is my business," she said, pointing with all the pride of the CEO of Goldman Sachs to the neat piles of 90 pesewas stacked on her little table.
The fund, at 20 pesewas per share, commits to provide retail investors with as little as GHAo50 the chance to directly invest in the growing oil and gas industry.