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(Pathology) obsolete a hospital for treating persons with infectious diseases. Also called: lazaretto



n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
a house or hospital for persons infected with pestilential disease.
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Noun1.pesthouse - hospital for persons with infectious diseases (especially leprosy)
hospital, infirmary - a health facility where patients receive treatment
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The woman is believed to have set her clothes on fire before she was engulfed in flames next to Pesthouse Common outside Christs' School and Sixth Form in Richmond-upon-Thames.
After the end of the operation, the authorities had the duty to isolate the peddlers in a pesthouse.
In 1350, the Milanese authorities decreed that any future plague victim and whoever was to nurse them was to be sent to a pesthouse outside of the city walls.
He'd been a fearless witness of visions starting at four, claiming the face of God had appeared in the window, the family's house built on a very old graveyard, Pesthouse Close, which gave off an unsettling stench--proof
35) Delacroix's image of dying and enslaved Greeks also evoked the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt and French imperial ambitions in the 1820s, which commentators and the artist himself underscored by comparing Delacroix's painting to Baron Gros's extremely popular General Bonaparte Visiting the Pesthouse at Jaffa, 1804.
British novelist Jim Crace is the author of Quarantine (1997), Being Dead (1999), and The Pesthouse (*** July/Aug 2007), among his dozen books.