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One of the often brightly colored parts of a flower immediately surrounding the reproductive organs; a division of the corolla.

[New Latin petalum, from Greek petalon, leaf; see petə- in Indo-European roots.]

pet′aled, pet′alled adj.
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Adj.1.petaled - (of flowers) having petals
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At both sites, the segregation for apetalous, partially apetalous, and normally petaled plants showed a 1:2:1 ratio in the R-B[C.
2] populations is 0:1:3 and 0:1:15, respectively, for apetalous, partially apetalous, and normally petaled plants.
Brenzel's favorite plants for attracting beneficial insects - such as parasitic wasps, lace wings and hover flies - are: common fennel, of lacy leaves and anise fragrance; rue, the finely cut, if foul-scented, blue-leafed herb; cosmos, the frilly leafed, somewhat gangly annual with white, pink and mauve petaled daisy flowers; coreopsis, the yellow-orange petaled daisy; achillea, better known as yarrow; nemophila or baby blue eyes, suitable for bright shade; Lychnis coronaria, a drought-tolerant, gray-leafed plant with brilliant contrasting blooms in red or pink; Agrostemma, or corn cockle, an ornamental weed with purple-spotted, magenta-pink petals.