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n. pl. pe·te·chi·ae (-kē-ī′)
A small purplish spot on a body surface, such as the skin or a mucous membrane, caused by a minute hemorrhage and often seen in typhus.

[New Latin, from Italian petecchie, pl. of petecchia, spot on skin, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *petīcula, short for *impetīcula, diminutive of Latin impetīx, impetīc-, variant of impetīgō; see impetigo.]

pe·te′chi·al adj.
pe·te′chi·ate (-ĭt) adj.


n, pl -chiae (-kɪˌiː)
(Pathology) a minute discoloured spot on the surface of the skin or mucous membrane, caused by an underlying ruptured blood vessel
[C18: via New Latin from Italian petecchia freckle, of obscure origin]
peˈtechial adj


(pɪˈti ki ə, -ˈtɛk i ə)

n., pl. -te•chi•ae (-ˈti kiˌi, -ˈtɛk iˌi)
a minute, round, nonraised hemorrhage in the skin or in a mucous or serous membrane.
[1575–85; < New Latin < Italian petecchia (in pl.) rash, spots on skin < Vulgar Latin *(im)petīcula= Latin impetīc-, s. of impetīx, variant of impetīgō impetigo + -ula -ule]
pe•te′chi•al, adj.
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Noun1.petechia - a minute red or purple spot on the surface of the skin as the result of tiny hemorrhages of blood vessels in the skin (as in typhoid fever)
bruise, contusion - an injury that doesn't break the skin but results in some discoloration


A mark on the skin indicative of a disease, as typhus:


n. petequia, mancha hemorrágica pequeña que se manifiesta en la piel y las mucosas en casos de estado febril esp. en la tifoidea.