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Money in any number of currencies that is paid to oil-producing countries, which then deposit it into Western banks.


(ˈpɛ troʊˌdɒl ərz)
revenues in dollars accumulated by petroleum-exporting countries, esp. of the Middle East.


[ˈpɛtrəʊdɒlərz] nplpétrodollars mpl
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And considering that the only return for Pakistan is in the shape of petrodollars, this is as blatant a sellout as is possible.
The offensive has, however, achieved neither of its goals despite the spending of billions of petrodollars and the enlisting of the cooperation of Saudi Arabia's regional and Western allies.
His demand for trading petrol in gold, thereby replacing petrodollars was initially met with incredulous mocking, followed by solemn threats and culminated in his ultimate removal.
Tourism is seen as a major driver of growth as the kingdom attempts to wean itself off its dependence on petrodollars amid a protracted oil slump.
Saudi petrodollars have financed Washington's military adventures and spending sprees.
Buhari, qui a pris la parole en marge d'une reunion du conseil executif federal il y a peu a; , a redit que son equipe est determinee a faire passer le; du statut de consommateur passif, abreuve de petrodollars a producteur de biens et services.
Since Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world, it was obviously easier for the Iranian government to buy Houthi militia with the petrodollars and incite an uprising against the elected government.
For decades, almost every corner of the economy has depended on lavish flows of petrodollars, so the austerity is bad news for Saudi corporate earnings.
But the foreign ministry official insisted that Iran, pursuing its policy of economic resistance, is planning to rely less and less on petrodollars.
Reduced petrodollars have led to spending cuts and a slowdown in business, the impact of which has been felt by contractors in the region.
That means we're still at risk, he said, adding that petrodollars or foreign inflows from oil-exporting countries had been partly driving the local market in recent years.
Kirkuk / National Iraqi News Agency / nina / Kirkuk's Provincial Council waved to sell oil directly, if the central government did not pay dues of Kirkuk of the petrodollars.