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Relating to or located near the petrous portion of the temporal bone.

[From Latin petrōsus, rocky; see petrous.]


(Anatomy) anatomy of, relating to, or situated near the dense part of the temporal bone that surrounds the inner ear
[C18: from Latin petrōsus full of rocks, from petra a rock, from Greek]
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Cerebral angiography was performed, and an intracranial dAVF was found in the superior petrosal sinus with perimedullary drainage [Figure 1]f and [Figure 1]g.
After identifying the important landmarks (greater superficial petrosal nerve, arcuate eminence, superior petrosal sinus, and superior semicircular canal), the roof of the internal auditory canal is drilled off to incise the intrameatal dura.
This process was long and difficult because this cavity was filled with sediments and partly recrystallized and because the petrosal bone in cetaceans is particularly thick and dense, which lowers the quality of the images and sometimes impedes analyzing them," Orliac said in (https://www.
The hemorrhage is thought to be due to disruption of petrosal and bridging cortical veins at the foramen magnum.
Tentorial detachment technique in the combined petrosal approach for petroclival meningiomas.
3] Extension of the thrombus may be significant, reaching the superior petrosal sinus superior, or as low as the subclavian vein.
The high-dose dexamethasone suppression test and bilateral inferior petrosal sinus sampling can also help the etiologic diagnosis.
Superior and inferior ophthalmic veins, (SOV, IOV) drain into CS which in turn drain into the superior and inferior petrosal sinuses [Figure 1].
1) It is formed by the union of the sigmoid and inferior petrosal dural venous sinuses within the jugular foramen.
Petrosal sinus sampling was performed to confirm the diagnosis of a central CD and revealed a central-to-peripheral ACTH gradient (cavernous/peripheral, Table 2).
The C2-C3 level permits an assessment of downward flow from the sigmoid sinus and inferior petrosal sinus, which is in the uppermost portion of the extracranial region.
Higher levels of adrenocorticotropin hormone in petrosal vasculature compared to cubital fossa indicates pituitary adenoma