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n. pl. pfennig or pfen·nigs
A coin formerly used in Germany, worth 1/100 of a deutsche mark

[German, from Middle High German pfennic, from Old High German pfenning.]


(ˈfɛnɪɡ; German ˈpfɛnɪç )
n, pl -nigs or -nige (German -nɪɡə )
1. (Currencies) a former German monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Deutschmark
2. (Currencies) (formerly) a monetary unit worth one hundredth of an East German ostmark
[German: penny]


(ˈfɛn ɪg; Ger. ˈpfɛn ɪx)

n., pl. pfen•nig, pfen•nigs, pfen•ni•ge (Ger. ˈpfɛn ɪ gə)
a unit of currency in Germany, equal to 1/100 of the mark.
[1540–50; < German: penny]
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Noun1.pfennig - 100 pfennigs formerly equaled 1 Deutsche Mark in Germanypfennig - 100 pfennigs formerly equaled 1 Deutsche Mark in Germany
German monetary unit - monetary unit in Germany
Deutsche Mark, Deutschmark, German mark, mark - formerly the basic unit of money in Germany


[ˈfenɪg] Npfennig m
References in classic literature ?
I TOLD him my friend was sick and could not come himself, but he said he did not care a VERDAMMTES PFENNIG, he wanted his diploma for himself--did I suppose he was going to risk his neck for that thing and then give it to a sick stranger?
Miss Pfennig was stopped at St Pancras station as she returned from Cohen's wedding to former Home and Away star Isla Fisher in Paris.
The plains spadefoot toad spawns offspring that grow up faster if dad is a different species called the Mexican spadefoot, says Karin Pfennig of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Our thanks and appreciation to Karin Pfennig for her support and the revision of a previous version of this paper.
Another intriguing cost of cannibalism is the potential loss of inclusive fitness when a cannibal kills a genetically related individual (Elgar & Crespi 1992; Pfennig & Sherman 1995).
This originated from the Saxon penning and is related to the German pfennig.
Simpson took the first division of the nine-furlong maiden courtesy of Pfennig, who landed the spoils under a fine ride from Trevor Naughton.
Models had realistic proportions, heads, and tapering mils, unlike clay models used in other studies, which were cylindrical (Brodie 1993; Brodie and Janzen 1995; Hinman and others 1997; Pfennig and others 2001).
Pfennig wrote to county superintendents, telling them that the "message of the group, while including anti-violence, may cross into areas that are sectarian in nature.
Mimicry has been used as the preeminent example of how natural selection works and why it works the way it does," indicates Karin Pfennig of the University of Texas' College of Natural Sciences.
Cappuccino coffee is 11 pfennigs cheaper at Wal-Mart and milk is one pfennig less.
As the photo shows, a 1 pfennig piece (about the size of our penny) would be a good sized load for the truck.