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Noun1.phaeochromocytoma - a vascular tumor of the adrenal gland; hypersecretion of epinephrine results in intermittent or sustained hypertension
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
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NUMIENT is not for use in patients with hypersensitivity to the active drug substances or excipients in NUMIENT, narrow-angle glaucoma, phaeochromocytoma, a previous history of neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) and/or non-traumatic rhabdomyolysis, or in patients using nonselective monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO) inhibitors, which must be discontinued 2 weeks prior to starting to use NUMIENT.
There is also a risk for adverse reactions after the administration of adrenaline to patients with hyperthyroidism, hypertension, phaeochromocytoma, glaucoma, severe renal impairment, prostate adenoma, hypercalcaemia, hypokalaemia, diabetes, and in elderly patients and pregnant women.
Biopsy of an unsuspected phaeochromocytoma carries the potential risk of precipitating a catecholamine storm.
Expression of somatostatin receptors and sympathoadrenal tumours High expression of Low expression Non-neoplastic receptors and of receptors pathology sympathoadrenal system tumours Phaeochromocytoma Breast Autoimmune carcinoma diseases Neuroblastoma Melanoma Granulomas Ganglioneuroma Lymphoma Thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy Paraganglioma Prostate Post-radiation cancer inflammatory disease Gastroenteropancreatic Non-small-cell Bacterial tumours (GEP) cancer infections (e.
Magnesium was established as the treatment of choice for the control of hypertensive response to tracheal intubation in preeclampsia, (8) haemodynamic instability in tetanus and in the perioperative management of phaeochromocytoma.
5-14) Neoplastic diseases that have been reported in pelicans are 8 cases of chondrosarcoma, 3 cases of squamous cell carcinoma, and 1 case each of cholangiocarcinoma, bronchial carcinoma, phaeochromocytoma, and ganglioneuroma.
Hereditary conditions associated include MEN2, von Hippel-Lindau, neurofibromatosis type 1 and familial paraganglioma phaeochromocytoma syndromes with mutations identified in at least six distinct genes (RET, NF1, VHL, SDHB, SDHC and SDHD).
FloTrac for monitoring arterial pressure and cardiac output during phaeochromocytoma surgery.
Effects of perioperative alpha1 block on haemodynamic control during laparoscopic surgery for phaeochromocytoma.
adriamycin, herceptin, clozapine * Aortic dissection, aortic valve disease Non-cardiac clinical causes * Acute and chronic renal failure * Acute neurological disease, including stroke, or subarachnoid haemorrhage * Pulmonary embolism, severe pulmonary hypertension * Exacerbation of CORD * Hypothyroidism * Phaeochromocytoma * Burns affecting >30% of body surface area * Critically ill patients with respiratory failure, or sepsis * Snake bites