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A cell, especially a macrophage or neutrophil of the immune system, that has the ability to engulf and destroy pathogens, waste material, and other particulate matter.

phag′o·cyt′ic (-sĭt′ĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.phagocytic - capable of functioning as a phagocyte
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Shigella is also an invasive pathogen but lyses the phagocytic vacuole and initiates intracellular actin-based locomotion to spread from cell to cell in the cytoplasm.
Particularly in large cells, the nucleus is displaced toward the periphery of the cell by the phagocytic vacuoles.
A range of researchers, including the authors, have successfully used staining techniques [sup][3],[4] to identify this multiflagellated protozoon by means of light microscopy, taking into account a series of morphological characteristics including round-to-ovoid shape (20–60 [micro]m in diameter); a double tuft of flagella inserted at the anterior end; absence of a terminal bar (very typical in bronchial ciliated cells) and a certain plasticity of the cytoplasm; as well as the presence of coarse granules and some phagocytic vacuoles.