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Although, some infected chicks may show a heterophil engulfed SE before treating with the Lactobacillus but all phagocytose heterophils engulfed only one SE per one heterophil (data not shown).
Recently, we showed that neutrophils efficiently phagocytose and kill opsonized NTHi bacteria (29), but decreased neutrophil phagocytic capacity among the elderly may impair this host defense and contribute to poorer clinical outcomes during NTHi infection.
The ability of the mussel's hemocytes to engulf foreign particles, that is, phagocytosis was evaluated by determining phagocytic rate (the percentage of hemocytes that phagocytose particles) and phagocytic index (the average number of particles phagocytosed per hemocyte) according to the method of Carballal et al.
This allows leucocytes (white blood cells) and macrophages to phagocytose the area of cell debris and pathogens.
Macrophages phagocytose the cells during apoptosis before cell membrane rupture, thereby reducing the inflammatory response that occurs due to release of cell contents (9-11).
In extravascular hemolysis, splenic macrophages phagocytose RBCs, releasing hemoglobin, which is then broken down into heme.
academie regionale dont le siege est plante au coeur de l'une de ses delegations prefectorales, s'ingeniait a exercer une reelle phagocytose sur son vis-a-vis.
Increased risk of infection: High blood-glucose levels and acidosis both impair immune function by interfering with the actions of immune cells, including their ability to phagocytose and destroy foreign micro-organisms.
Glial cells serve as important immunoregulators in the brain with the ability to phagocytose neurons that have undergone programmed death, are damaged, or are infected.
It appears that the bexarotene reprogrammed the brain's immune cells to "eat" or phagocytose the amyloid deposits.
Assays of phagocytic activity revealed that both species readily phagocytose E.