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Removal of a cataract by emulsifying the lens ultrasonically.

[Greek phakos, lentil, lentil-shaped object; see bha-bhā- in Indo-European roots + emulsification.]


(ˌfæk oʊ ɪˌmʌl sə fɪˈkeɪ ʃən)

the removal of a cataract by first liquefying the affected lens with ultrasonic vibrations and then extracting it by suction.
[1980–85; phaco- (< Greek phako-, comb. form of phakós lentil; see lens) + emulsification]
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Noun1.phacoemulsification - extracapsular surgery for cataracts in which ultrasonic sound breaks the cortex and nucleus of the lens into small fragments that are then vacuumed away through a small tube
extracapsular surgery - cataract surgery in which only the front of the lens is removed; the back of the lens capsule remains intact and provides support for the lens implant
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Phakoemulsification with PCIOL was done in some cases.