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1. Something apparently seen but having no physical reality; a phantom or an apparition. Also called phantasma.
2. An illusory mental image. Also called phantasma.
3. In Platonic philosophy, objective reality as perceived and distorted by the five senses.

[Middle English fantasme, from Old French, from Latin phantasma, from Greek, from phantazein, to make visible, from phantos, visible, from phainein, to show; see bhā- in Indo-European roots.]

phan·tas′mal (făn-tăz′məl), phan·tas′mic (-tăz′mĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.phantasmal - resembling or characteristic of a phantom; "a ghostly face at the window"; "a phantasmal presence in the room"; "spectral emanations"; "spiritual tappings at a seance"
supernatural - not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material; "supernatural forces and occurrences and beings"


Of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality:


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In which recessive and phantasmal case, the son s/he carries beneath a "man's slicker" might just be the child of a homosexual and miscegenous union, even, and yet more phantasmally, the descendant of Buck and Brownlee.
In loving the men that Wilde loved, and in marrying the love of Wilde's life, Custance is, in a sense, usurping Wilde's position as lover, while his desire for the beautiful boy is phantasmally represented in her poetry and in her person.
17) In The Ego and the Id, both mourning and melancholia are bound up in ingestion and digestion, in phantasmally taking the object into the self (orally).