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1. The science of drugs, including their composition, uses, and effects.
2. The characteristics or properties of a drug, especially those that make it medically effective.

phar′ma·co·log′ic (-kə-lŏj′ĭk), phar′ma·co·log′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.
phar′ma·co·log′i·cal·ly adv.
phar′ma·col′o·gist n.
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Adj.1.pharmacological - of or relating to pharmacology


[ˌfɑːməkəˈlɒdʒɪkəl] ADJfarmacológico


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The choice of treatment for GDM includes both pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions.
In compound libraries previously provided to academia, a wide range of compounds have been collected, including those for which pharmacological activities or safety profiles have not been established yet, in consideration of structural diversity of compounds.
3] For a long time, the treatment of COPD has focused mainly on pharmacological improvement of the airway obstruction.
Counselling and pharmacological therapy should be combined to achieve best results in smoking cessation.
The US insomnia pharmacological treatment market is projected to reach USD 4.
estimates Atrial Fibrillation Market - Global Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatments Analysis and Forecast 2013-2020, as the global atrial fibrillation market growing at the rate of 11.
Currently available pharmacological interventions provide only symptomatic relief while investigations are continuing for disease modifying interventions.
There are a range of different types of smoking cessation interventions: brief advice from a health professional (the person is advised and encouraged to give up smoking), self-help courses and materials, the prescription of pharmacological treatments with or without follow-up, motivational interventions, and multicomponent therapy (Hays, Ebbert, & Sood 2009; Hays, Leischow, Lawrence, & Lee 2010; Stead & Lancaster 2012).
Friedman, "A Practical Guide to PTSD Treatment: Pharmacological and Psychotherapeutic Approaches" is a 194 page compendium comprised of eleven critically important papers on PTSD experts and researchers deftly organized into three major sections: Background and Assessment; Pharmacological and Psychotherapeutic Approaches; Comorbid Disorders and Unique Presentations.
Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care, 8th Edition (online access included)
Endocrinologists from India, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and the US address the non-pharmacological and pharmacological management of diabetes during Ramadan.
Several studies have been carried out to find alternative approaches, such as exogenous beta-galactosidase, yogurt and probiotics for their bacterial lactase activity, pharmacological and non pharmacological strategies that can prolong contact time between enzyme and substrate delaying gastrointestinal transit time, and chronic lactose ingestion to enhance colonic adaptation.

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