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Of or relating to communication used to perform a social function rather than to convey information or ideas.

[From Greek phatos, spoken, from phanai, to speak; see -phasia.]

phat′i·cal·ly adv.


(Linguistics) (of speech, esp of conversational phrases) used to establish social contact and to express sociability rather than specific meaning
[C20: from Greek phat(os) spoken + -ic]


(ˈfæt ɪk)

denoting speech used to express or create an atmosphere of shared feelings, goodwill, or sociability rather than to impart information.
[1923; probably < Greek phat(ós) spoken, capable of being spoken (verbal adj. of phánai to speak; compare prophet) + -ic]


[ˈfætɪk] ADJfático


adj (liter)phatisch
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That is, to the extent of the considerable diminishing of the phatic and conative functions.
Kerouac's mode of writing is not so much phatic as deictic; rather than assert meaningful propositions about experience that can be tested or refuted, he simply points, with great praise and enthusiasm, at an experience that must always remain partially undefined.
Mazzon details "cases in which the audience is addressed by the performers, with phatic utterances stressing the relationship entertained by the two sides of the 'interaction,' trying to capture the audience's benevolence or attention" and "cases in which characters address the audience, usually to impart some didactic instruction or to emphasise the moral teaching and the religious attitudes drawn from the biblical episodes represented.
Specific topics include universal design for learning in today's diverse educational environments, ecological perspectives surrounding the design of self-determination-enhanced problem-based learning as a formative intervention for students with disabilities in inclusive settings, a phatic approach to assistive and augmentative communications vocabularies, using interactive storytelling games to develop social skills in children with autism spectrum disorders, teacher education and principles of effective assistive technology implementation, and creating protective barriers for students with disabilities in electronic learning environments.
The poem's orthographical strangeness is just as much Mallarme as it is Coleridge: though its nonstandard spelling and phatic expressions convey the orality-effect of a deracinated dialect verse, this is a game played with the written signifier.
She then makes long sweeping strokes with a brush over the entire body, the bristles gently activating the top layer of the skin which improves the circulation of lymA[degrees] phatic fluids.
These functions he terms are emotive, referential, poetic, phatic, metalingual, and conative.
Rising input cost: India depends on imports for phos- phatic ( P) and potassic ( K) raw materials for making P& K fertilisers, except Single Super Phosphate, where half the rock phosphate used as raw material from domestic sources.
In the necessarily limited space available, it does seem a waste to include the director's tangents and awkward turns of phrase, and banal or phatic responses from the interviewer.
The encounter is much more important than Myles's mocking irony would falsely suggest: as a speech act, it performs what Jakobson call the phatic function of language; it establishes and maintains linguistic communication by drawing and keeping the co-speaker's attention (217).
Incorporating Jakobson's (1960) model, Nord (1997), identifies the following four text functions that translated texts may aim to achieve: the referential, expressive, appellative and phatic functions.