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Amber with mite inclusion * Apatite 'pinata' * Iridescent musgravite * Cat's-eye phenakite * Unusual pink sapphire bead * Bicoloured double-eye tourmaline.
However, I did succeed in finding one dealer of my acquaintance and in buying from him a phenakite specimen of remarkable size: the crystal weighs 721 grams and measures 8 X 8 X 9 centimeters
The 'head' of the spicules in synthetic emeralds is usually composed of grains of synthetic phenakite, beryl, chrysoberyl, gold or other mineralizers (Choudhary and Golecha, 2007).
Especially since World War II, the pegmatites of the state of Minas Gerais have yielded some of the world's finest specimens of topaz, chrysoberyl, euclase, elbaite, and beryl (in all of its colored varieties); phosphate-rich pegmatites of the same state have furnished the world's finest specimens of brazilianite, beryllonite, eosphorite, hydroxylherderite, amblygonite and more; complex pegmatites of other kinds have provided cassiterite, xenotime, monazite and several rare-earth species; Brazilian specimens of titanite, phenakite, fluorapatite, kyanite, scheelite, spessartine and bertrandite are among the world's very best.
There was nothing really outstanding, but there were a few nice, small, single crystals of tourmaline as well as a good thumbnail phenakite from Anjanabonoina that I added to my collection that day.
Other minerals found in the Kafubu emerald area include allanite (small euhedral crystals in rock), amethystine quartz (in a single 10-cm-wide vein), bertrandite (7-mm crystal aggregates replacing beryl), columbite-(Mn), tantalite-(Mn) (prismatic euhedral microcrystals), monazite (euhedral microcrystals), epidote, gahnite, phenakite (crystals to 1 cm enclosed in beryl), plumbomicrolite (brownish yellow crystals to 1 mm), and xenotime (euhedral micro-crystal inclusions) (Seifert et al.
Loose, heavily etched and rounded but totally gemmy crystals of colorless phenakite are now emerging from pegmatites somewhere near Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria.
The deposits have also yielded large, complex, colorless to orange, blue or bicolored topaz crystals to 117 kg, and rare aquamarine, phenakite, fluorite, goethite and other species.
Since 2004 the market has seen fairly good supplies of the beautiful, colorless to palest yellow, transparent, drill-bit-twinned phenakite prisms from the Paleini mine near Khetchel (or Khat Che) village, Mogok district, Burma (Myanmar).
This may be another way of denoting the "Kat Chay mine," often cited as the source of the wonderful drill-bit-twinned phenakite crystals lately in circulation; I infer this because Ivo also has specimens showing the distinctive phenakite twins resting on what appears to be the same white, weathered feldspar matrix as that which hosts the petalites.
Herb picked out whatever appealed to him, including fine phenakite crystals at a time when phenakite was considered a rare mineral; Krantz, however, had kilos of phenakite crystals from Brazil, virtually the world's supply.
Ever since then, intrepid collectors have been finding attractive aquamarine specimens (many of gem quality), as well as the associated secondary beryllium minerals phenakite and bertrandite, at elevations above 12,000 feet on the steep, rocky slopes of the mountain.